Bengaluru March 08: 50 new books were added to the list of Bharata Bharati series, as newly penned 50 books on different personalities were launched in Bengaluru on Sunday morning. Now the total number of books reached 610.

Bharata-Bharati, is a mega project on small books on personalities who contributed for social welfare being expertised in different walks of social life. The project initiated by Rashtrotthana Parishat, an RSS inspired NGO of Karnataka. In the first series 510 books were released in 1971. 50 new books were released in 2014. Now 50 books were added leading to a total of 610.

Bharata-Bharati book has set a record of on its production and sale, being the Largest sold book series ever in the history of Karnataka literature and print industry. The Bharata Bharti book series has reached almost all schools, student libraries of Karnataka, crossing a record sale about 20lakh books.

On the release ceremony on Sunday, in which new 50 books were released, veteran poet Dr HS Venkatesh Murthy launched new 50 books. Naadoja Dr SR Ramaswamy, President of Rashtrotthana Paroshat, Chiranjeevi, Present Editor of Bharata-Bharati series, N Dinesh Hegde, General Secretary of Rashtrotthana Parishat were on the dais. Veteran RSS Pracharaks Mai Cha Jayadev, Chandrashekar Bhandary were present.

New list of books includes Chyavan Maharshi, Takazi Shivashankar Pillai, Kalpana Chawla, Yadav Rao Joshi, Bhupen Hazarika, Bismilla Khan, Basavaraja Rajguru, Queen Gaidin Liu, Shakuntala Devi, Dr Rajkumar, Dr Salim Ali and many other prominent personalities.




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