Dr.Krishna Gopal , Joint General Secretary of RSS meet the press today. Right side Dr.Man Mohan Vaidhya, All India Media Cell, lncharge, N.Sadagopan, Tamilnadu Media Cell Incharge on the dias.

Chennai November 03, 2012: Press Conference by Dr Krishna Gopal Ji, Joint General Secretary of RSS, on Day 2 of RSS National Council Meeting. On the second day of the national council meeting of the RSS a resolution was passed on the growing infiltration into Assam and other parts of India from Bangaladesh.

Dr.Krishna Gopal , Joint General Secretary of RSS meet the press today. Right side Dr.Man Mohan Vaidhya, All India Media Cell, lncharge, N.Sadagopan, Tamilnadu Media Cell Incharge on the dias.
Dr Krishna Gopal Ji, All India Joint Secretary briefed the press on the salient points of the resolution.
Since 20th July in Assam and particularly in Kokrajhar district there was violence in which many were killed and over 4 lakhs people were displaced and came to refugee camps. There is a history behind this episode which is very well known. Assam is facing serious threat from Bangladeshi infiltrators even before independence. Thousands of people from formerly East Pakistan and now Bangladesh are settling in various districts of Assam. Every Muslim majority district in Silhouti district of Assam was given away to East Pakistan at the time of partition and only a small portion of that district is with us. During 1947 partition, every district in Assam was Hindu majority but now it is stunning to note that 7 districts have become Muslim majority.
Kokrajhar is located in Bodo land territory in Assam and has four districts which have been made autonomous for the sake of the tribals. Sadly for the last 25 to 30 years due to infiltration their lands have been occupied. In the last ten years alone the Muslim population has increased by 10%.Many problems have been created because of infiltration like arson, violence and burning of villages. In 2008 when the violence occurred the Muslims in BTAD demanded reservation and called for bandh!

Impact across the country:

On 20th July this year, 4 Bodo youth were mercilessly killed which lead to eruption of violence. Several villages were burnt down. Many of the tribals had to take shelter in refugee camps. There was reaction all over the country. In Mumbai there were processions and demonstrations. Demonstrators violently attacked reporters and media persons also. They destroyed public property, attacked police personnel and misbehaved with women. Similar violent demonstrations were held in other places like Allahabad, Udaipur etc., Some miscreants did a trick by sending MMS and SMS to students and workers from North East threatening them leave their places and of dire consequences if they do not leave  after Ramzan.This resulted in an exodus of people from Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.
 Considering all these facts it was decided to pass a resolution on this issue. We have demanded that Muslim infiltrators should be detected not only from Assam but from all parts of the country and if they have acquired any rights they should be deprived of them and should be deported.
Supreme Court ruling on the issue:
Supreme Court has mentioned in a ruling in 2005 that this kind of unabated influx is an aggression. It said that it is the duty of the government to investigate and establish tribunals to identify and deport. Supreme Court has also found that the IMDT is faulty and is actually in favor of infiltrators. The Supreme Court has categorically stated that infiltration has created unrest and challenged culture of local people.
The infiltrators have also occupied the voter list. Based on the Supreme Court rulings the government has to enact another act in place of IMDT. It is also a surprising fact that this act supposed to be used in Assam but is actually used outside. The Supreme Court has also directed that until a new act is framed Foreigners Act should be used. But till date there is no tribunal functioning in Assam. Also the Muslim population has doubled. Not only in Assam we can find them in Chennai, Pune, Mumbai , Delhi etc.,
Recently in Delhi High Court, Justice Kamni Lal , in her ruling said that there are thousands and thousands of people  still there. In the year 2000 the Delhi Court directed the City Police to identify 100 infiltrators per day and deport them. But the DGP, Prakash Singh has expressed his helplessness and nothing has happened.
Former CBI chief Joginder Singh has also expressed concern on infiltration. A former home minister has stated in parliament that there are 1 crore illegal Bangladeshis in the country. Jayaprakash Jaiswal has also made a similar statement.
There is a need to have talks with Bangladesh.
Questions and Answers:
Q1: Does RSS have any statistics on this?
A: There are lots of statistics. Lt. Sinha has given lot of supporting data in his report presented to President. Sri  Rajeshwar Rao, IB director has also provided statistics in his report.
Q2: Infiltration is restricted to only Assam or has it spread to other parts?
A2: The problem is in all the 7 states of North East
Q3: Is it failure of the Congress government?
A3: Central Government and State Government need to take care of this.
Q4: Was it better in Vajpayee’s rule?
A4: The fencing programme progressed well in NDA rule.
Q5: Is it that Congress Government has not been checking?
A5: Vajpayee started the fencing.  And it is going on now not that fast.
Q6: Is RSS happy on this?
A6: No.
Q7: Then what is to be done?
A7: It should be done faster.
Q8: Why do you call them Muslims and not Bangaladeshis?
A 8 : Bangladeshi Muslims ………. They are coming to settle down here. Bangladesh has less land and more population. They have issues with less land and more population. They are coming to India due to their problems. However Hindus come to India due to persecution and harassment. They are refugees. Any person coming to India due to ethnic clash is a refugee. NDA government gave citizenship to refugees from West Pakistan who settled in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Both NDA and Congress supported the issue and that Hindus coming from Bangladesh are not infiltrators but they are refugees. Even Sri Manmohan Singh when in opposition during NDA rule agreed to this.
Q 9: Is there any terrorist angle?
A 9: There are reports on this. Gen Sinha has reported about HUJI. They are smuggling in drugs, fake currency, arms and ammunition.
Q 10: What about the cultural affinity?
A 10: It is true that the language is same, -Bangla. But they want to go with Pakistan. They did not like to stay with India. For instance, Navokali and Kolkatta …  though language is same Muslims attacked only Hindus.

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