Chengannur Kerala July 17:  In another episode of endless blood battle in Kerala, Vishal, a young ABVP activist murdered at the extreme eastern part of Alappuzha district of Kerala.  According to the souces, “Campus Front”, the Students wing of Jihadi Terrorist organisation unleashed terror in Chengannur Christian College and attacked Vishal yesterday. He succumbed to death today early morning. Vishal was holding the responsibility of ABVP as Nagar Pramukh. Other ABVP activists who were injured along with Vishal are  Vishnuprasad and Sreejith. They have been admitted to a private hospital in Chengannur.


Vishal, was also a  Swayamsevak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. He trained in RSS’s First year Sangha Shiksha Varg. He also had responsibility of RSS as Nagar Shaareerik Pramukh.

Vishal- ABVP activist murdered at Kerala

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  1. It is very sad situation in kerala..Both left & right parties going behind minorities interest in many years No political parties can raise sound in favour of Hindus.Only RSS can do something for Hindus…but last few years hindus face many problem’s politically.why don’t RSS say anything, why don’t they create any public movement in favour hindus….I am saying this me to a swayamsevak 15 Years befor & now also bt I am not in kerala now…Please think the issue..Vande Matharam.

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