Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad
National Executive Council Meeting
24-27 May, 2012 – Ernakulam (Kerala)
Resolution No. 2 :
Present National Scene
The National Executive Council of A.B.V.P. congratulates the Indian scientists and technologists for successful test fire of Agni-5 missile and launching of RISAT-1 satellite by developing fundamental technology on the lines of scientifically advance countries of the world. Contribution of the scientists in spite of many attractive offers and several limitations make them worthy of appreciation.
ABVP is of the clear opinion that the 2G spectrum scam would not be possible without the involvement
of P. Chidambaram in it. Facts supporting this are now coming to light. The Congress led UPA government is
trying to protect P. Chidambaram shamelessly and adamantly though his involvement in the appointment of the
tainted Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) is exposed. This NEC demands that P. Chidambaram, who is
involved in corruption from top to bottom, be dismissed from the ministry and a case of corruption be filed
against him. It is clear from the recently exposed Tetra Truck scam that corruption has gained its root even in
the sensitive institutions like the Armed Forces. The statement made by General V.K. Singh, Chief of Staff of
Army that he had an offer to accept a bribe of Rs. 14 Crores exposes this state of affairs. Exposure of 2G,
Common Wealth Games, Adarsh Society and the scandal of Rs. 10 Lakh Cr. in coal mines excavation has
confirmed that the present U.P.A. Government is a government of the corrupt.
In spite of the government’s effort to suppress the cases of corruption, fresh cases are being exposed
almost every day. Even after the government’s efforts at suppression, the agitations against corruption are
getting public support. It is clear from this that the people of the country want freedom from this government
which is completely enmeshed in corruption. ABVP along with Youth Against Corruption (YAC) platform is
fully involved in this mass movement against corruption. This is a step towards finding solutions through
systemic change along with the agitations against the corrupt. In the case of the persons charged with corruption
the law may take its own course, but this NEC is of the clear view that the party and government trying to
promote this organised looting of national resources like an organized gang should necessarily be removed
from power. ABVP & Youth Against Corruption by this resolution is bound to start an aggressive agitation is
coming days.
Activities of Naxalites and Maoists are on the increase in the country. The killing of 4 Maoists in
Tinsukia has exposed the ambition of the Maoists to spread their activities in the North Eastern region. The
recent incidents of kidnapping of an Italian citizen and a tribal legislator in Odisha, and a district collector in
Chhattisgarh to demand release of their activists has exposed their real face as a gang of criminals. The central
government’s attitude towards the Naxalites and Maoists seems to be of a compromising nature. The Odisha
incident has given rise to suspicions of the state government being hand-in-glove with the Maoists. This NEC
strongly condemns the policy of the central government which instead of bearing its responsibility of suppressing
such illegal activities is trying to put the blame on the state governments.
The present government which is losing its public support due to being fully involved in corruption is
trying to make up its lost vote-bank by the method of appeasement of the minorities. The central government’s
recent declaration through an ordinance to ensure 4.5 % reservation to Muslims by reducing the same from
the quota of the backward classes, (which has already been implemented) before the recently held state
assembly elections, competition in U. P. by Congress and S. P. promising an increase in Muslim reservation to
13% and 18% respectively, declaration by the S. P. Government in U. P. to give Rs. 30,000 to Muslim girls
on their marriage, by violating precedent giving fifth Muslim minister in the pressure of Muslim League and
Paschim Bang Government’s declaration of paying Rs. 2500/- per month to Maulavis, shows that most of the
political parties can go to any extent to appease Muslims, even disregarding the constitution of the country.
Some of the recent verdicts passed by law courts have exposed the appeasement of minorities as
unconstitutional. The Supreme Court recently said that the subsidy awarded to the Haj pilgrims by the central
government is improper and directed that it be stopped within ten years. But in spite of this, the so-called
pseudo-secularists, intelligentsia and political leaders are indulging in vote-bank politics by supporting such
unconstitutional policies. ABVP warns all these people and the political leaders to stop such communal activities.
It is very unfortunate that the Government by increasing the prices of Petrol by Rs. 7.50 per litre has
made the life of the common man even more miserable, who has already been facing the brunt of price rise.
On the other hand lakhs of tones of wheat are rotting due to lack of sacks. The Government’s efforts to
control price rise have not shown any result but on the other hand, the economic growth rate of the country
has declined. Balance of recovery and debt surplus of the budget is on an increase without any control. Value
of Rupee in relation to the Dollar has touched the lowest nadir. The decreasing of the Credit Rating of India to
negative by International Rating Agency Standard and Poor is quite worrisome, which has resulted in shattering
the image of India. ABVP is of the opinion that the Central Government’s policy of giving full opportunity to
corruption is responsible for such a pitiful economic condition of the country.
The incident of exposure of 4 IPL Players having agreed to be involved in match fixing and two
players being caught in a rave party in Mumbai by sting operations conducted by a private channel have
proved that IPL is miles away from a healthy sporting feeling. Black money, influence of some political leaders
and glamour of some film artistes have made IPL a cheap medium of entertainment. ABVP condemns such
incidents during IPL matches which have hurt the cricketing sentiments of the masses which has become a
subject of national pride.
At present a large part of the country is facing the problem of water scarcity. Many districts in provinces
like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Rajasthan are facing an acute scarcity of drinking water. But under
the excuse of reduction of per capita water availability, the Central Government as a part of its National Water
Policy 2012 is proposing to hand over the water supply to private sectors single handedly, in the light of the
suggestions made by the World Bank for the partnership of public and private sector. This proposal will open
the gates to the multi-national Companies to a natural resource like water. This document describes water as
equivalent to life itself. But this proposed policy, while charging the price for water to control and limit the
distribution will deprive a majority of the people from access to minimum needed levels of water. This NEC of
ABVP urges the Central Government to follow a satisfactory and effective water retention and water harvesting
policy, so that the availability of water increases, instead of searching for new opportunities for corruption and
making water, the gift of nature, a commercial private resource.
ABVP is of the opinion that the present Central Government is directionless, and is crippled and
helpless before the constituent parties and violent organizations. It is insensitive to the people’s aspirations and
feelings and is the most corrupt and incompetent Government so far. This NEC of ABVP appeals to the
students, youth and common people of the country to give vent to their discontent and dislodge this totally
failed and bankrupt government from power.

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