Assam -August 2: The violence in Assam has subsided but the rehabilitation and other sewa activities has to start immediately. Following is the latest updates from Assam Sewa Bharathi pramukh Shri Surendra Ji.

Present condition and sewa activities:
1) Sewa activities is reaching more than 60,000 victims of riots
2) Victims have been provided with blankets, food, mosquito coils, note books
3) Medicines have been provided for fever, cough and other ailments and to avoid spread of contagious diseases
4) 3 Ambulances and 4 teams of doctors working round the clock to cater to the victims
5) Hindu families affected by the riots want to return home ASAP but are still in fear and are skeptical
6) Christian missionaries are gung-ho about this ‘opportunity’ and are in a over-drive (Sick but true)
7) Hindu and Bodo families are very thankful to the timely and quick aid provided by Sewa Bharathi
8) 2 truckloads of basic needs of kitchen utensils and cloths were arranged from local noble people and dispatched to the families of victims

Sewa and rehabilitation planned next Steps:
1) Start rehabilitation activities by August 5th. Until then the focus is on catering to the victims needs in refugee camps
2) Post August 5th rehabilitation of families has been planned as people are longing to return to their homes
3) Sewa Bharathi has a target to help 500 families to rebuild homes
4) Provide books and stationary to more than 5000 school going kids
5) Provide kitchen stoves and utensils to the familes once they return home
6) Try to keep unscrupulous elements (read missionaries) at bay from misusing the conditions of the victims

Material Requirements for rehabilitation:
1) 3 bundles of CI (Corrugated Iron) sheets for each of the 500 homes that Sewa Bharathi is targeting. Each CI sheet bundle costs anywhere between 12,000 to 15,000 or more
2) Atleast 500 Kitchen stoves
3) Atleast 500 sets of utensils with each set having 4 plates, 4 tumblers, 3-4 containers and ladles
4) 4 sets of clothes to each family i.e atleast 2000 sets of new clothes
5) Atleast 5000 sets of stationary with each having 2 notebooks, pencil and pen

Rehabilitation Costs Details:
Sewa Bharati is using its present resources now and is in need of money. All estimates are for the requirements mentioned above:
1) Rebuilding houses – 60 lakhs to 75 lakhs rupees
2) Kitchen stoves – 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees
3) Household utensils – 3 lakhs rupees
4) Clothes – 5 lakhs rupees
5) Stationary – 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees

Including the administration and running costs of the whole exercise the monetary requirement is above 1 crore of ruppes. But the immediate requirement of Sewa Bharati is about 50 lakh rupees.

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