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RSS, ABVP Karyakarta’s are out on streets, helping with the rescue operation, providing food, helping victim familes and everything.

What happened on June 2 in Odisha’s Balasore was unimaginably disastrous. Reports claiming rising death tolls are coming every hour from the accident site. The Prime Minister, Railway Minister and others have reached the site and met the victims. The rescue operation is on and the motive is to save, even a single life if possible in the remains of those bogies.

RSS and ABVP Karyakarta’s helping the victim and families in Odisha’s Balasore, Image: Organiser

At such devastating times, the Sangha Karyakartas are also present on the accident site, serving humanity. More than a thousand Karyakarta’s and Swayamsevaks of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangha (RSS) and Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) are working round the clock since the incident took place.

ABVP Karyakarta’s distributing food items among victim families, Image: Organiser

Talking with Organiser, one such ABVP Karyakarta, Laxmi said, as many as 600 Karyakarta’s have been deployed at the Balasore hospital helping people with identifying their relatives and family members. Some hundred Karyakarta’s are providing telephones and mobiles to those who have lost their phones and looking for their respective family members.

Karyakarta’s distributing food packets, Image: Organiser

Around 200 Karyakarta’s are present at the Balasore hospital, helping the family with the identification of the dead bodies and providing the deceased family with food and water. He added, hundreds of pracharaks and prant pramukh’s have arrived in Balasore and are helping the railway officials, with the rescue operation on site. Some of the Karyakarta’s are also helping the NDRF teams, he added.

Karyakarta’s distributing food packets, Image: Organiser

Apart from the Balasore hospital, the Karyakarta’s are also helping the ambulance drives and hospital boys in dispatching the dead bodies. He added, at the other hospital in the town, these Karyakara’s are manually transporting the dead bodies to the morgue. Lakshmi said, the Karyakarata’s are present at every bus stop, chowks and square with food, water, first-aid, and mobile phones. They are providing everything they can to the survivors.

At the Railway stations and streets, Image: Organiser

Notably, the Sangha and ABVP Balasore have issued helpline numbers from their official accounts for helping the people. They have also issued numbers for the blood bank and blood collection. From yesterday they have received 2000 calls for blood donation. He added, as of now they have provided a thousand units of blood at the hospital and around 700 units of blood is secure for further use.

He added, “Times like these are depressing, we are here to build a human chain and do everything possible in our capacity to save human lives. The whole town is on streets serving the people, it’s not like we are the only ones. But we are here 24/7 and will remain, till the situation gets back to normal”.

Karyakarta’s at the blood donation centres, donating blood, Image: Organiser

Readers should know that this is not the only crisis where RSS came forward to help people and save life, there have been a number of such incidents. The RSS has been involved in various humanitarian aid and relief efforts across India, particularly during times of need like floods, earthquakes and most recently, the COVID-19 crisis.

These efforts have included providing food, shelter, medical aid, and education to those in need, as well as supporting society. It is also important to recognise that the organisation genuinely believes in the importance of Seva as a means of serving the community and promoting social welfare. The Sangha Seva during the Covid-19 crisis, flood, earthquake or any other manmade or natural calamities can be seen here, here, here and here where the Karyakartas helped in building and cleaning of hospitals, providing oxygen cylinders and other basic stuff during the tough pandemic times.

Courtesy: Organiser

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