Bengaluru February 04: Bengaluru Police issued an order banning the entry of Dr Pravin Togadia to City Limits of Bengaluru from February 05 to 10, 2015.  Dr Pravin Togadia was expected to participate and address mega Hindu Samajotsav organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Febraury 08, 2015 at National Highschool Grounds, Bsavaanagudi, Benfaluru.

Police claim that such a step of banning Dr Togadia’s entry t Bengaluru was taken to maintain public peace and harmony.


Here is an analysis by Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP Working President. (February 04, 2015)

  1. Order by Bengaluru (Karnataka) Commissioner of Police is based on hearsay lop-sided unverified media reports, concocted internet posts & on the so called politically motivated cases as old as from 2003 of which most have been already thrown out by many hon. Courts as non-cases. Therefore, the said order prohibiting entry of Dr Pravin Togadia, a renowned Cancer Surgeon, National President of India Health Line & the International Working President of VHP, in Bengaluru from February 5, 2015 to February 12, 2015 is based on imaginary presumptions, thereby violating Dr Togadia’s fundamental rights.
  2. In the city off late already infested with horrendous crimes against women & girls – with as little as 3 yrs old girls are getting every now & then molested / raped in their schools, where the young techie roamed & stayed freely while being long term involved in garnering active support to internationally condemned terror outfit ISIS & the city from where young way-wards run away to places like Iraq & Turkey to join the same terror outfit ISIS to fight a batter for a particular religion again the entire world, rather than focusing on making the city safer for its residents, the respected Commissioner of Police is targeting a renowned Cancer Surgeon trying to spread the message through India Health Line for ‘Healthy Nation, Happy Nation’/ trying to introduce mobile app to make blood available for the needy patients in emergency (refer: The Economic Times, May 2, 2014), trying to make people at large aware by spreading the message in over 100 rallies across India past 2 months regarding Cohesive Unity (Samarasta) among all Indians & focusing on eradicating untouchability.
  3. In the past 2 months to celebrate 50 yrs of VHP, there have been organized over 100 rallies all over India from Coorg to Kanyakumari, from Hyderabad to Mumbai, from Ahmedabad to Lucknow & from Aurangabad to Bharuch cutting across all states, regions & towns. Dr Pravin Togadia has been traveling all these places by road & by many other means, meeting various people from many walks of life, addressing rallies as well as small groups of professionals like CAs, Lawyers, Doctors, Industrialists, Students & so on. In the same way many others from VHP along with the RSS have also been doing the same. It should be the aim for all of us Indians to make our nation United, Safe, Healthy, Prosperous & so on. With this message [refer to the presentation made by Dr Togadia in the Indian Medical Association’s Gwalior chapter conclave of medical professions where the topic of the presentation & discussion was ‘Importance of Early Detection of Deadly Diseases like Hypertension, Heart Problems, Anaemia & Obesity’ (The presentation is available in the video format along with the discussion in the meeting], many focused messages are being given to the public at large to take the nation ahead.

  4. Rather than making any effort to know from the concerned people / organization / or from Dr Togadia himself as to what would be topics of speeches in the Rally in Bengaluru on February 8, 2015 where prominent scientists, social thinkers etc too will be on the dais, the respected Commissioner of Police – Bengaluru, through his subordinates, unilaterally thrust the entry prohibition order in the hands of Dr Togadia at the Bengaluru airport when Dr Togadia late at night, tired from the day’s long travel through Kanyakumari & surroundings, meeting people whole day, was at the Bengaluru airport waiting for some food!
  1. The respected Commissioner of police did not even take trouble to know the facts from Dr Togadia who was being dictatorially ordered to stay off Bengaluru from February 5, 2015 to February 12, 2015! This hurried, late night unilateral action itself shows the political motive behind the entire order using false information based on unverified lop-sided media reports & discarded cases – discarded by many Hon. Courts in Karnataka itself & in many other states & also FIRs thrown out as malicious & baseless by the Police depts. From many states including most as mentioned by the respected Commissioner of Police n the said prohibition order. The order states ’19 FIRs on Togadia till August 2014’, but the Commissioner of Police did not even bother to check as whatever has happened in those FIRs since 2001, whether the concerned police authorities had found any substance in the complaints or whether the various Hon. courts even accepted the charge sheets or thrown the cases out after realizing the humbug allegations. It is like holding one person responsible for every ill that happens in the world based on false & unverified reports. Before shoving such unilateral order in the hands of Dr Togadia late at night, the respected Commissioner of Police has not even written to all the states police departments which the order mentions. (E.g. The order mentions Bhavnagar, Bhopal. Where is the written communication from the Commissioner of Police – Bengaluru to the respective police stations / state heads of police enquiring about the status of the so called FIRs or the authenticity of the media / internet reports re FIRs?)
  2. On the other side, the respected Commissioner of Police did not even make a simple observation that there had been many hurtful incidents against the Scheduled Castes, women, Tribals & other communities where Dr Pravin Togadia has not done any rally so far. (e.g. In Maharashtra, a scheduled caste family was burnt alive where Dr Togadia did not do any rally; in Bengaluru, many youths went following ISIS – they were not guided by Dr Pravin Togadia through any rally there; in Bengaluru itself many little minor girls were molested / raped in their big schools – where Dr Togadia had not done any rally! In Delhi, where churches were burnt last weeks, Dr Togadia has not had any rally off late!) Holding one educated person, a Cancer Surgeon responsible for sundry incidents as if he is a hardened criminal, just because he happens to be one of the office bearers of VHP & banning his entry in the educated city like Bengaluru for over a week is like holding a sporadic crowing crow for the deafness of tall the world! It is the most autocratic, obnoxious, dictatorial & paranoid action obviously taken at the instance of the officer’s political masters. Bengaluru is the city, where Dr Pravin Togadia has visited at least over 50 times past 5 yrs, held many meetings with CAs, Doctors, Lawyers, Students, Professors, families of wealthy as well as poor people etc. No communal or whatsoever tension rose then! All these times, the same Commissioner of Police did not issue such offending prohibition order. Had Dr Togadia wanted to spread malice, he did not need a rally for it; in the national media, his own social media & small meeting that he had held so far in Bengaluru, he could have done so. But as a matter of fact, he has been all the time focusing on spreading Samarasta (Cohesive Unity), Health, Safety, Prosperity & Dignity through his meetings there.
  1. It was expected as a basic work from a person holding such a high post like the Commissioner of Police of Bengaluru, to at least not rely upon lop-sided paid media reports, discarded / thrown out (by the Hon Courts!) outdated old cases & political motives for banning entry of a renowned Cancer Surgeon to the city of Bengaluru for a week! This only shows his sick phobia & political motive that made him violate even the basic fundamental right of Dr Pravin Togadia given by the Constitution of India. In any case, had there been any truly & legally objectionable speech in Bengaluru on February 8, 2015 by Dr Togadia, in the rally, as the respected Commissioner of Police so fears, then the officer was always free to take necessary action then rather than being so drastic & dictatorial by preventing Dr Togadia’s entry itself in the city for a week based on imaginary paranoia or based on the orders by his political masters in the state.

Dr Pravin Togadia from Uttarakhand

February 04, 2015

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