Karnataka Education Department is set to discuss the implementation of Moral Sciences in its school curriculum by making the Bhagavad Gita mandatory, said State Education Minister BC Nagesh. The matter will be discussed with the CM before it is carried forward. This decision comes in a row while Gujarat Government made the Bhagavad Gita compulsory for students of Classes 6 to 12.

Education Minister Nagesh has stated a final decision will only be made once it has been discussed with the Chief Minister of the State, Basavaraj Bommai. If the Bhagavad Gita is indeed made mandatory for school students, then it will be taught under the subject of Moral Sciences.

“We’re going to speak to our CM about whether we’re going to introduce Moral Science, consulting with him we want to introduce it in next academic yr. What gives an impact on the children will be introduced-whether it is Bhagavad Gita, Ramayan & Mahabharat,” State Education Minister, BC Nagesh spoke to press.

The education minister stated that the matter was discussed as Moral Science has been ‘left out’ from the school curriculum for several years and now many parents are asking for the subject to be re-introduced. “At present we’ve not thought of it. But we want to introduce it in future. Subject in Moral Science will be decided by educational experts,” he further added.

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