Arch Bishop praises Sudarshanji's efforts on social harmony at Trissur, Kerala

Arch Bishop praises Sudarshanji’s efforts on social harmony at Trissur, Kerala

Trichur, Kerala : ‘Sudarsanji is the person who was the model for all the leaders who realizes the value of Communal harmony. He made it possible in Kerala through his visit and talks with all religious leaders, especially with the Christian Community. The birth of mankind is not for to quarrel each other and we have to improve our relations beyond everything’. said Arch Bishop Mar Aprem.

He remembered the Former Sarsanghachalak in a function organized by RSS district committee at Trichur Brahmaswam Madam. “I am so fortunate to be a part  of the historic step of religious talks which have been conducted by RSS under the leadership of  Sudarsanji” Mar Aprem added.

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