Bengaluru February 07: “Dharma is the Creme of all Philosophies”, said SriSriSri Ravishankar Guruji at the inauguration of INDIC CIVILIZATIONAL two-day strategic meet organised Dharma Civilization Foundation (DCF), at SVYASA University, Bengaluru.

‘Dharma has to be scientifically understand, propagate and applied in life. Essence of Dharma is the essence of life and creation. With an thought of Making ancient knowledge agreeable to modern Intellect Getting together, talk about it and take it to the next generation is a commendable work’. Wished DCF a great success and advised one and all to have ‘ Clarity of Mind, Purity of Heart, Sincerity/Spontanity of Action’.


Dr. Nagendra, founder & SVYASA welcomed the gathering of Scholars around the world for this conference. Dr. Manohar Shinde, Founder Chairman of DCF gave a brief about DCF and the Conference.
Dr. B.K.Modi opined Hinduism not only teaches how to live also teaches how to die. Message from ‘Amma’ was read by  Swami Shraddha Amritananda.

50 Scholars across the world are participating in this conference including Konrad Elst and Micheal Danino,

Dharma Civilization Foundation (DCF):

DCF, a non profit Foundation was formed in 2012, with an objective of creating Academic and Intellectual infrastructure to promote accurate and authentic study of India, Indic Civilization, Dharma and Hindu Traditions. It is establishing endowed chairs, centres and Institutes in main stream US universities, the very 1st chair is already been established at a cost of $2 Million at University of Irvine titled ‘Thakkar Family-DCF endowed chair in Indic Civilizational & Vedic studies’ to become operational from 2015.

DCF is also in the process of establishing Swami VIvekananada endowed chair in Hindu studies at USC at a cost of $3Million.

DCF is also working towards establishing a Center for Dharma studies at a leading School of Divinity named Graduate Theological Union, (GTU). Several spiritual instituitions born in India are also collaborating to create chairs with specialised focus. Thus by the blessing of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswathi, “ADI SHANKARANTI centre for Advaita Vendanta Studies” will be created at GTU in collaboration with ISKCON a, Mumbai.

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