Bengaluru August 06, 2016: Prof. Rakesh Sinha was extremely clinical in his assessment of global terrorism and solutions for India.

He was addressing a gathering in a seminar organised by Manthana Shankarapuram in Mythic Society,  Bengaluru.

Prof Rakesh Sinha said “Terrorists do 5 important things. 1) Publicize in graphical way to terrorize a large number of people. 2) Terrorists use Media as oxygen. Free of cost due to TRP madness. 3) Expect overreaction. Core support is tiny. Victims should overreact and make terrorists famous. 4) Invoke religion. Self styled warriors of God. 5) Holy Book invoked. Believe that dying for religion gets life in another world.”

“India has to decide. Use the Turkey model of full state intervention to prevent radicalization, or Indonesian model of soft cultural integration. What works for US or France will not work for India considering history, population and large avenues for radicalization.” 

“India has 3 unique challenges which is helping the soft corner for terror sympathisers” said Rakesh Sinha.

“Conversions. Soft Islam and Soft Christianity, taking advantage of caste conflicts. This makes Hindus go on defensive on harder topics.” said Prof Rakesh Sinha.

Prof Rakesh Sinha said “Lashkar, ISIS kind of terror networks are openly discussing India’s domestic politics. A recent  22 min terror video from Pakistan mentioned nearly 100 times, the Batla terrorist.Add to it 2002, Ayodhya, Muzaffarnagar etc.. They are exploiting emotions and portraying a victimhood in the hands of Hindu majority.”

” Third is Owaisi kind of politics. MIM celebrates 17 Sep as a Black day. Our Media doesn’t question why Hyderabad unification is portrayed that negatively by a parliament member. Teesta and Bhushan kind of activists openly spread feeling against institutions. De-legitimize history, institutions and security officers by vested interests, help prepare ground for terror narrative and victimhood play.” added Prof Sinha

“India should consider all these, and prepare a solid De- radicalization process as a long term strategy.” said Rakesh Sinha.

The event was attended by over a hundred intellectuals of the city.

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