Hindu Chaitanya Shibiram a three days camp was organised by R.S.S. (Purva Andhra Pranth) on the eve of “Completed 75 years of established the RSS in Andhra Pradesh” at Satavahananagar, on Vijayawada-Guntur highway, close to toll gate near Kaza village from 18th to 20th January 2013.

Day 1 : 18th January 2013
Inaugural Function
The inaugural function was held on 18th January and those who occupied the dais were Sarkaryavah (All India General Secretary) of RSS Ma.Sri Bhayyaji Joshi, Sri K.C.Kannan, Sri Madhubai, Sri Bhagayya, Sri Rammadhav, Sri Ajit and Sri Jagdish Prasad. Among those prominent citizens who participated in the event were Justice Parvatarao, Sri Somayajulu, Sri Raghavulu and Sri Mangesh.
The camp was started with a song (Vaiyaktik Geet) on Hindu awakening. Pranth Karyavah Sri N.Ravi in his address highlighted the fact that united strength of swayamsevaks of 4 generations was visible in the camp.
Blessing speech by Pujya Swami Paripoornananda 
Pujya Paripoornananda Swami

Swami Paripoonananda, head of SreePeetham, Kakinada in his address talked about the great ness of Hindu Dharma. He said that Dharma and Nation should not be seen separately. Closely associated with Dharma are cow, Ganga, Gita and Guru and those should be protected by Hindus. Today temples are divided into various groups which is not a healthy trend, he said. He talked of the need to safeguard the works and preachings of Pujaniya Doctorji, Pujaniya Guruji and Swami Vivekananda.

Speech by Sarkaryavah Ma.Sri Bhayyaji Joshi
RSS Sarkaryavah (All India General Secretary) Ma.Sri Bhayyaji Joshi in his address said that Hindu does not mean custom, tradition or method of worship and explained that Pujya Doctorji founded the R.S.S. in 1925 for the purpose of healthy social living, universal welfare. Today border areas of Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and North-eastern regions have become hotbeds for destructive forces and naxalism and terrorism have become a challenge to the nation. In the name of service, certain institutions are carrying out religious conversions and Sri Bhayyaji Joshi asked us to be aware and alert to thwart any such attempts. He cautioned that if policies are framed towards gaining only material pleasures, it does not augur well for the economic system in the future. He said that there is no safety for women today and we should not become mute witnesses about their plights. Women today are coming forward successfully in various sectors, he said. He exhorted the Hindus to march ahead with right strength and renewed vigour. We should remove the defects that have crept into our Hindu society over a period of time, he urged.
Day 2 : 19th January 2013
Keeping the motto of the camp as “Hindu awakening as welfare of Bharat and welfare of Bharat as universal well-being”. The 2nd day of the camp was started in the early morning with hoisting of Bhagawa Dhwaj (Saffron Flag), Sangha Prarthana (prayer) and yoga by thousands of swayamsevaks. Later, Ekatmata mantra was recited quoting from Hindu, Jain, and Sikh and Buddhist religions.
Pujya Swami Siddeswarananda Bharati, head of KurtalamPeeth in his address said that due to the meditation by Swami Vivekananda on the rock memorial of Kanyakumari, that place became powerful centre. He reminded that due to strong determination and ardent efforts by Sri Doctorji, R.S.S. was established. Gandhiji gained fulfilment due to chanting of Lord Ram’s name. Sri Guruji with the blessings of Akhandananda of Rama Krishna Math headed and guided the activities of R.S.S. When Dharma was in danger, Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Doctorji and Guruji came in for its protection and restoration. The Swamiji said that in the White House of USA, recently a programme of Sangh was conducted. Lakhs of swayamsevaks keep meeting each other in USA. In Hyderabad Secretariat for installing Durga Devi, 4000 employees participated and this is a welcome sign, the Swamiji averred. He said that today America is being safeguarded by Hindu Gods. He also said that large number of swayamsevaks participated in Dharma activities organised by him in New York and California of USA.

Patha Sanchalan (Route March)

A great Patha Sanchalan (Route March) was held on 19th, the 2nd day of Sibir,participated thousands of swayamsevaks who attended in the 3 day sibir, in two cities Vijayawada and Guntur. The people welcomed in solid the swayamsevaks by flowers and harati.

Day 3 : 20th January 2013
Sarvajanika Sabha (Public Meeting)

In Satavahananagar, venue of the camp, thousands of swayamsevaks hailing from 11 Districts came out from 15 tents and assembled before BhagavaDhwajam and greeted elders on the stage with Ghosh (Band). On the eve of public function, reception committee president and Viswa Hindu Parishad Vice President Sri Gokaraju Gangaraju in his address told that untouchability is a sin and religious conversions should be stopped.

Blessed Speech by Pujya Swami Tridandi Srimannarayana Chinna Jeeyar

Pujya China Jiyar Swami

Tridandi Srimannarayana Jiyar Swamiji while giving his discourse told that swayamsevaks took forward a noble cause by combining strength and vibrancy. He said that Vedas, Itihasas, Puranas and Shashtras reverberated with Dharma exhortations and the swayamsevaks are trying to implement and live up to those and some have forgotten. There is a need to remind about practising Dharma. There is respect even for non-believers. We literally worship our parents and pay respects to parents of others and a situation is emerging now to get this example emulated by others. Today, there is a need for model villages, he told. Due to advent of smart phones, cell phones and TVs personal meetings are becoming less frequent. Human values are getting eroded not only in towns but also in villages. Human values are existing in the swayamsevaks, he lauded. “All of you took initiative in propagating Dharma family”, he said. He hoped that this camp would be a starting point for heralding on the concept of model villages. He concluded his discourse by telling that it is not about dualistic or non-dualistic philosophy that is in question now.

Chief Guest and ex D.G.P.of A.P. Sri K.Aravindrao told that the only organisation possessing qualities of national integrity and devotion is R.S.S. Today, even culture has been globalised. Cultural attacks began with Britishers. Westerns are distorting our scriptural sayings. He quoted Telegraph newspaper of England wherein it is stated that to bring awakening amongst intellectuals, we get lot of material from the preachings of Swami Vivekananda. There is lot of positive strength in Bhagavat Gita and Upanishads and they are above religion. No Hindu can ever be a fundamentalist. Our nation never attacked another country. In Bangladesh, the population of Hindus has considerably reduced. Recently Central Minister Sri A.K.Anthony said that minorities are safe in our country. He asked swayamsevaks to read Bharatam and Ramayan. They should attain soft power.

Pujaniya Sarsanghachalak of RSS Ma.Sri Mohanji Bhagavat, Sarkaryavah Ma.Sri Bhayyaji Joshi, Dakshin Madhya Kshetra Sanghachalak Sri T.V.Deshmuksh, Purva Andhra Pranth Sanghachalak Ma.Sri M.Sundara Murty were participated n this meeting.

Speech by Ma.Mohanji Bhagavat

Pujaniya Sarsanghachalak Ma.Sri Mohanji Bhagavat in his address talked about environmental issues and the turbulent times the world is faced with like destruction of families and asked to rekindle the ancient value system prevalent in India and to spread this message to the world. If one observes the way Pakistan is behaving with India for the last few days, one can say it is not a friendly but enemy country. China is equally dangerous. Due to the weak border areas, drug trafficking, weapons and fake currency exchange go unchecked. The policies being adopted in our country are not helpful to the well-being of the nation. Price rise, foreign direct investments in retail sector, caste and regional differences are creating disappointment and despair among the people.

Many great persons have called for spread of patriotic thoughts among the people. Even radical humanism champion M.N.Roy emphasised the need for national, patriotic thoughts. Today in the country languages are different and teaching procedures are different. But by protecting the diversity, we should follow Hindutva thought and value system. There is a need to rekindle Hindutva thought process. R.S.S.works for welfare of the world. It does not terrorise any body. It should not be clubbed with terrorism. The Sangh has taken up 130,000 service activities with love. It works for building up of integrated Hindu society. Dr.AbdulKalam realised the need for building up of strength in the society. Strength does not mean acquisition of weapons. There should be welfare of the society, safety of the country and well-being of the world. Through awakened and vibrant society, qualitative richness should prevail.

He exhorted the members to participate in the 1 hour shakha activity daily and this will pave the way for becoming a person of fulfillment. Rashtra Sevika Samithi is working for the cause of women. There is a need for rejuvenation of power of right citizens. Sri Bhagavat called upon all the members to become partners in this noble mission.

In starting the function the swayamsevaks who participated in the 3 day sibir,demonstrated the physical exercises, those are Vyayam Yog (Drill with stick), Pataak Vyayaam (Drill with small flags), Yoga, Surya Namaskar and Ghosh. Thethousands of visitors watched and enjoyed the demonstrations.

The camp concluded on the 3rd day.

Highlights of Hindu Chaitanya Sibiram
  • The sibir organized in total 125 Ekads of land
  • Total 17,300 swayamsevaks participated in 3 days sibiram
  • 150 feet length stage arranged for public meeting
  • 1,000 buses worked for sibir
  • 2000 swayamsevaks worked as prabandhaks
  • The Bhagawa Dhwaj arranged at 67 feet hight from the earth
  • RTC buses, and Trains also halted at the sibir place for carrying  swayamsevaks and visitors
  • Above 1 lakh visitors visited the exhibition arranged in the sibir
  • Swayamsevaks has been participated in the public meeting by the age between 3 to 85
  • Above 30 thousand people attended the public meeting held on last day.
  • Participated all level karyakartas from Sakha to Akhila Bharta.
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Hindu Chaitanya Sibiram-2013

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