Gwalior, November 1, 2014: Stressing the need of the early & timely detection for better handling of the deadly diseases, Dr Pravin Togadia, Cancer Surgeon, VHP International Working President & India Health Line National President appealed for the joint efforts by the Medical Fraternity, Govts & the society at large for ‘Healthy Nation, Happy Nation.’ He was speaking in the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Medical Conference organized by Madhya Pradesh IMA in Gwalior attended by over 1000 prominent Specialist Doctors & people from the medical fraternity.


Only when the severe complications start showing up, patient contacts the Doctor. By then the disease takes a deadly form, be it Hypertension, Anaemia, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Cardio problems or Psychiatric issues. With regular Annual Medial Check-up, all such things can be averted to much extent. Complications of undetected diseases cause 3 big losses: Permanent loss in the human body, financial losses & losses of nation’s precious human working hours! The figures are shocking.

  • Loss of US $ 236 Billion (Approx Rs. 14 Lakh Crore) due to Diabetes projected for India in 2015 (Just 73 billion less than total national budget!)
  • Diabetes reduces life span by average 8 yrs. Since 2004; increase in Diabetic patients is 65%. Meaning such huge loss of human hours.
  • Hypertension in India: 1960: 5%; 1990: 12 to 15%; 2010: 30% of urban population; 2000: 118 m Hypertensive; 2025 (projected) 214 m in India
  • Cardiac: 1950: 1%; 1990: 9.7%; 2000: 11%; 2014: 18%; approx 33% deaths in India due to Cardiac diseases
  • Anaemia : 55% reproductive women; 70-80% kids below 5 yrs; 24% men
  • Obesity: 70 million overweight; 41 m obese; 1 in 5 in India is either obese or overweight
  • Suicides: 2012: 2.5 Lakh; 1 out of 3 suicides in the world is in India; Suicide attempt ratio: 1:20. Means, 50 Lakh Indians attempted suicides!

Dr Togadia informed of the India Health Line’s efforts through its Health Ambassadors who check the basic parameters like sugar levels, BP, Haemglobin, weight etc in FREE camps & going to various locations. So far since its launch in Feb 2014, IHL has arranged over 112 such camps.

“Creating awareness is an imp step in getting more & more people go for Annual Medical Checkup. Even affording do not do it, women are neglected even in preventive health care. Middle class will do the checkup with budget packages & the poor should get more support in Govt / Trust hospitals.” – Said Dr Togadia. IHL plans a nation-wide awareness campaign with FREE camps & simple literature.

Indian Health Line through its national call center (Number: 18602333666) helps the needy patients in getting FREE consulting by Specialist Doctors in most parts of India.

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