Ensuring no poor suffers of hunger: A peep into recent RSS Seva activity in various parts of Karnataka

Covid 19 Corona Virus also been mentioned as Chinese virus is making people tremble worldwide. Bharat is also facing the wrath with the people affected increasing unprecedentedly. PM Modi announced the national lockdown on 24th March in order to curb the spread of the virus. The message from the PM was clear – Stay locked at homes.

Staying locked at homes and working from home is a privilege for a select few. A larger section of people who depend on daily wage for their two square meal were left in lurch. Losing the job, losing the pay, staying at home would not earn them the meal. For that matter, PM Modi is not to be blamed for the lockdown as it is the most pragmatic approach, he proposed keeping in mind the exponential spread of the pandemic.

Sarsanghachalak, Sarkaryavah, Sah Sarkayavah messages.

This year’s ABPS national meet and highest decision making body of the RSS was cancelled keeping in mind the outburst of the pandemic and Ma Sarkaryavah Sri Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi had in his message directed that the Swayamsevaks support the administrations to create awareness among public. Later, Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat in his Yugadi message had appealed to respect social distancing and continue working for the society to eliminate Corona from Bharat. A day later, Sah Sarkaryavah Dr. Krishna Gopal in his video message expressed the need for helping the workers who are dependent on their day jobs and payment. He had urged to take special care of the police, students and working professionals from other states who would need support during the lockdown.


Planning the Task

RSS’ Seva Vibhag of Karnataka picked up the challenge to distribute grocery kit to the daily wage workers who are in need of any help. Swayamsevaks have initiated the process to identify such needy families at various seva bastis (slums), huts where construction laborers reside throughout Karnataka. Necessary arrangements were made to seek inputs from the people to understand the potential beneficiaries.

The provision kit proposed included:
Rice 5kg
Toor Dal 1 KG
Cooking oil – 0.5 Ltr
Salt – 500gm
Onions and Potatoes – 1 KG each

The Karyakartas of the RSS have been working with the society, for the society which needs utmost help and care. The money for the cause came from the society through donations. As the whole society cannot participate in distribution, RSS and its volunteers have been heading it. The execution of such a Herculean task not only needs money but the workforce. The committed karyakartas of Sangh are involved in

  • Procuring necessary items for distribution
  • Stocking the produce by working closely with area’s social organisations, temples, school campus etc.
  • Packing and preparation of the kits
  • Surveying, documentation of the demand and supply of the kits
  • Transporting on own vehicles, or hiring autos
  • Ensuring right deliveries to needy families with no duplicity

Kadugodi Swayamsevaks took the help of the local police for distribution


Organised Distribution


The kits are not distributed randomly. A meticulous research of what a family of 5 needs and how long could the family sustain is being done. This surveying also includes aggregating the needs of the family – for some might not want to eat rice and would prefer wheat flour and such minor modifications are taken care of said one of the volunteers who is closely involved in the operations.

At places like Kolar, Mysuru, Shivamogga, there are families who have set up their kitchen to support the needy. Food is being cooked and is distributed. A volunteer from Kolar said his family is supporting close to 40 people in a day for food. Some Karyakartas have been involved in distribution of food to beggers, people stranded and ones who are in a dilapidated condition.

distributon of food in Kolar

In another instance, Bengaluru Sanjaynagar’s  Bajarang Dal and VHP Karyakartas have committed themselves to supply cooked food to police staff who have been toiling to help the society during the lockdown. Breakfast, lunch, dinner to police will be provided till the lockdown is relaxed the karyakartas said.

Arrangement of grocery items which will head to distribution


Educating and other essential services

Will supply of food essentials do the business completely? It would help the daily wage earners certainly, but hygiene exercise to them also is to be taken care of. In many of these distribution centres there have been plans for the distribution of soaps, sanitizers, masks. A team of karyakartas visited the HESCOM office and distributed sanitizers and masks to the HESCOM workers.

Mask Distribution to HESCOM workers
Distribution of masks in Jayanagar, Bengaluru

In Kerala, volunteers of Seva Bharati an RSS inspired organisation stitched masks for free and were distributed. Bengaluru Karyakartas in Jayanagar also distributed masks to people.

Mask stitching – Kerala

VIMS, a medical institute in Ballari got six wash basins installed in their campus, thanks to the local RSS volunteers. The volunteers also guided the people on the value of washing hands regularly and maintain social distancing.

At Ballari

Fodder for the cattle some swayamsevaks felt was not adequate in Begur and they pitched in to help the cattle by providing fodder.

RSS is known for its discipline. One can find the same even in the distribution centres. caring for nature has not been compromised with some units using cloth bags instead of plastic bags.

Cloth bags being used extensively

The Karyakartas have also been following these necessary steps  so as to not be catalysts in spreading the virus:

  1. Don’t step inside any house
  2. Wear mask
  3. Use hand gloves
  4. Sanitize hands and wash them regularly
  5. Avoid interacting with those who are unwell
  6. Don’t touch anything at the seva basti or on the way back
  7. Take bath after reaching home and wash the clothes

    Swayamsevaks take their precautions and wear masks, gloves and practise social distancing

The service does not end here. The network of Swayamsevaks from various parts of the country are trying to help anyone stranded. An employee of a company who landed up here for a meeting and was unable to make it back home are identified and contacted and ensured that his meal is taken care of.

In all, a splendid effort is being put by the RSS and its volunteers to ensure no poor person suffers of hunger during the lockdown period. A renowned song in Kannada sung in RSS shakas go thus:

Seve emba yajnadalli samidheyante uriyuva
Dhyeya Mahajaladhi edege salilavaagi hariyuva

Loka Hitada Kayaka Nadige Abhayadayaka
Vyakti Vyakti aagalindu naija Rashtrasevaka

Let’s be the wood sacrificed in the yajna called service
Let’s flow into the sea freely to achieve the objective

It’s an assurance to build a Better world,
Let each person serve the nation truly!

Swayamsevaks are being the samidhas (wood) in this yajna of winning over Corona pandemic


8 thoughts on “Ensuring no poor suffers of hunger: A peep into RSS Service activity in various parts of Karnataka

  1. Proud of RSS, nobody can question the service of RSS at testing times. Also make no mistake, they will always be there to protect the country irrespective of the conditions be it floods, earthquake, drought, fire, blood.banks etc., Even when it comes to the cause of Hindus RSS has always been at the forefront to give the majority the moral support and everything legal available under the sun. People should generously contribute to RSS and be rest assured that their contributions will never go waste. Once again proud of the contributions of RSS.

  2. Exemplary service to the nation true to the word that we as RSS are known for.

  3. Exemplary service. RSS has the disciplined , committed cadre with compassionate and visionary leadership.

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