– Dr Shubhamangala Acharya
BAMS YIC(SVYASA), Kutumba prabhodan, Karnataka

India is blessed with a treasure trove of scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas etc. which contain details of many practices which are applicable at all times. One such topic is Garbha Sanskar – Ayurvedic scriptures like Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Kashyapa Samhita etc provide detailed explanation about this topic of universal interest.

What is Garbha sanskar?

Garbha is defined as the union of sperm and ovum (shukra shonita). Sanskar can be defined as the process of improving the quality. When a foetus inside the womb under goes certain process to attain better mental and physical health, it is called as Garbha Sanskar.

Procedure of Garbha Sanskar

Acharya Sushruta has mentioned that four major factors are needed to have a healthy progeny. He has compared this process to the nature around us. To get a healthy crop, proper season, fertile land, abundant water resource and healthy seeds are necessary.
In the same manner, to have a healthy (both mind and body) offspring:
• Time of conception (ovulation as well as muhurta of conception)
• Healthy womb
• Healthy woman – Mother should have good general health to nourish the embryo throughout the pregnancy
• Healthy sperm and egg (ovum)
are deemed necessary.

Pre-natal procedures

According to Acharya Charaka, to get healthy progeny both the partners should follow certain lifestyle changes and cleansing(panchakarma) procedures before conception. They must practise celibacy (brahmacharya) for three months during cleansing. Once they are ready, they should perform Garbhadana Homa. After undergoing above procedures, they are ready for the conception.

Antenatal care

Once the lady conceives, she has to follow certain diet and life style changes on a monthly basis. The pregnant lady should always be in a pleasant mood. Her diet must contain milk and ghee (preferably desi cow products). According to the development of organs, different diet and listening to soothing music, Mantra (chanting) meditation etc. are described in ayurveda samhitas. Pumsavana and Simantonayana are two sanskaras to protect the garbha in the womb.
Post natal care
Once the baby is delivered in sutika gruha, mother must undergo sutika charya for three months. The baby should be fed with Swarna prasha and then continued with mothers milk.

Why Garbha Sanskar necessary today?

We are in 21 century and coming across an alarming number of both physical and mental disorders every day. Suicide, depression, addiction etc are increasing in younger generation drastically. Fertility rates in both male and females are decreasing rapidly. If we look back, we had great souls like Swami Vivekanada, Shivaji Maharaj who had special up bringing by their mothers like Bhuvaneshwari Devi and Jijabai. We come across Prahlada, Abhimanyu, Ashtavakra in our Puranas. All these people are influenced from their birth through Garbha Sanksar.
The Garbhopanishat foundation in Jam Nagar Gujarath is trying to adopt procedures from ayurveda texts. From last 20 years under the guidance of Vaidya Hitesh Jani, Garbha sankar procedure is practised here. Along with Ayurveda vaidyas ultrasonologists, Gynaecologists, Yoga teachers, Classical musicians, Purohits, and astrologers are also involved. The training course for doctors are conducted here.

Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangha has taken this situation seriously and is trying to correct the society from the root level. To attain a healthy society, one should create the awareness among youth about the importance of marriage at younger age and well-planned pregnancy. We plan our education, finance retirement etc, but never think about planning healthy pregnancy. As a quote in our Upanishad says – “Baalo hi balam rashtrasya” healthy children are the strength of the nation. It is our duty to work hand in hand with RSS to create a strong Bharat.

(Dr.Shubamangala Acharya is a classical ayurveda practitioner from last 18 yrs.She is
Runs an ayurvedic center Shree Brahmi Ayurveda at Uttarahalli,Bangalore where she practices the process of garbhasanskar. She has also written articles to many Kannada and English magazines.She has also attended numerous TV programs as health adviser. She is actively involved in Kutumba prabodhan a wing which works with family unit.)

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