Portland, USA:  Oregon is a city in NorthWest of USA. With 3 Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh shakas happening on a weekly basis. A Sanghik of 3 shakas was held to celebrate Rakshabandhan Utsav was between 2-30pm to 7-30 pm on Sunday August 30th at Rood Bridge Park, Hillsboro.

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Rakshabandhan and summer Khel Meet of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Portland was held at rood bridge park, Hillsboro.

The afternoon started with ice-breaker game conducted by kishori Kumari Prajna. After which Sri VishwanathShetty, visiting from Bharath led laughing Yoga. From 3.30 to 5.00pm, there was khel (games) for Balaks, Sevika and Tarun Swayamsevaks separately. After a snack break regular Shakha was held between 5-30pm to 6-30 pm.

Total Sankya was 81, includes 23 Balaks and shishu , 30 Swayamsevaks,  28 sevikas  on the occasion.

Utsav started with Veenaji Mukhya Shikshak welcoming all for Utsav followed by  Dhwajarohan.  Kids recited shlokas learnt in Shaka – Vakratundamahakaya, Karagrevasate, om Purnamadapoornamidam , Saraswatinamastubhyam and Sarvebavantusukinaha.

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Following which G.S. Krishnamurtyji a Swayamsevak from Bengaluru (who works for Madhyamik Shikshak Sangh a Sangh affiliate organisation in the field of education) as chief guest tied the Rakhi to Bhagavadhwaj along with West coast Sambagh Sah-Karyavah Sri Krishnamurthy Woonnimani.

Smt Anita Pingale from Nagpur India, Sang Geet “Raksha Ka Yen Bandhan Bandhe, Hindu Tan Man ko” melodiously. A team of kids, the Balagana separated for planned activities for Balagana led by Devanshi/Ramesh Anantaiah, with Story session lead by Sri Krishnamurthyji Woonnimani.

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Sri Sivaram Kondamudi, West Coast Sambhag Sampark Pramukh Who had come all the way from neighboring city Seattle to deliver Bhoudhik , explained the significance of Rakshabhandan,and exhorted all participants to protect Dharma so that it will protect us. Protecting Dharma means to follow strictly once’s duties to his family, his society and the world- Kutumba Dharma, Rastradharma and Vishwadharam. As Hindus we have the responsibility to bring peace and Harmony in the world. Let all of us to words achieving that goal.

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Sri GSKrishnamurthy,in his address explained the greatness  of Hindu Dharma and told that the world is eagerly looking at us. He quoted extensively from the book The American Vedas to illustrate his point.

After Rakshabandhan, and Prarthana, Dinner was served to everybody. Kids and elders alike everyone had a great time. It was nice to see Indians and next generation young Indian Americans coming together to preserve and promote our Hindu values and ethos.

(Report by H Nagabhushan Rao, Portland)

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