Bengaluru February 04: “The hope of the nation is on the present youth population. Minds of the youth should be ignited with values. The values are demonstrated but not taught’ said Justice MN Venkatachalaiah in Bengaluru on Wednesday.


Justice MN Venkatachalaih was delivering the valedictory address at a gathering of professors, educationists and students at the two-day national conference on ‘Value initiatives in institutions of Higher learning-key to Youth empowerment’ at JN TATA Auditorium, IISc Campus at Malleshwaram, Bengaluru. The national conference was organised jointly by Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women and Disha Trust, an NGO of Malleshwaram.

” Indian universities and other leading academic institutes should raise their standards when compared to the excellence in the west, especially in Science. In the Western institutes the-research is moving from universities to industries. The Society must move with values on humanism. The society should move gently and fast, the system should address issues of human survival. ” said Justice MN Venkatachalaiah


Management Guru, Prof Mruthyunjaya Atreya addressed and stressed the need of Values in todays youth era. Prof Athreya said “there are 5 key values which youth should imbibe and perform,. They are  Patriotism, Humanity, Contribution for the world, Dharma and self realization. .”

“Dharma is single most needed value today, righteous conduct to uphold all, which covers a vast area like Rashtradharma, Samajadharma. In order to maintain water balance there will be seasonal changes, its the Dharma of the environment. Dharma protects us if preserved. National interest should be above party interest, Rashtradharma ahead of Rajadharma” said MB Athreya.

“Patriotism is a key value needed for all youth which specifies devotion to motherland, discharging debt to the nation, deep knowledge of the country, preserve the heritage and sharing the world. We should be aware of the Danger of monoculture. Citizens should be aware of maximum diversity of culture and heritage of the nation and try to preserve it. Humanism, a value which specifies integrated with global human family, compassion for the weak, correction in the wicked, reduction of inequality for peace, are most needed for mankind” added Athreya.

Stressing the need of the value of Contribution, Athreya said “contribution according to ones strength not interests. Taking interest where contributions is needed., enabling other contributions.developing competences for owning contributions. If every member in a team contributes at their best, then collective contributions will lead to victory”

“Self realization; Physical fitness through Yoga, Psychological maturity through Satva, Intellectual depth by learning, aesthetic taste by Kalaa, material wellbeing by artha, mental wellness by spirituality can take a person to a great heights’ concluded Prof Athreya.

Vice-Chancellors of reputed universities of India, eminent educationists, founder and head of various reputed institutes of higher learning, academicians, professors, and research students attended this 2-day conference. Paper presentations, discussions on various topics which imbue value initiatives at higher learning was held.

Prof S Naganand, Vice-Chairman of Maharani Laksmi Ammanni College presided over the valedictory. Dr Shanta, Director of Maharani Laksmi Ammanni College, Dr Raghuram, President of Disha Trust, Prof Shobha Sundareshan of Ammanni College, Rekha Ramachandran of Disha Trust were on the dais.

Dr Venkataram of S-VYASA University presented recommendationS passed by educationists in the national conference, basically includes a)setting up national mission for value b) setting up 5 nodal centres in India, governed by MHRD focussing on Content development, Capacity building, ICT, Research and Development and c) Pilot study at 5 states reachinf a selected 20 institutions.

Prof BK Kuthiala, Vice Chancellor from Makhanlal University of Bhopal, Prof Bhagavati Prakash Sharma Vice Chancellor of Udaipur University, Dr Meena Chandavarkar of Vice Chancellor of Bijapur University, Justice M Rama Jois, Dr Gururaj Karajagi, Dr MK Shridhar, Vidya Bharati’s Vice President Ramakrishna Rao, National Coordinator of Parivar Prabodhan Kajampady Subrahmanya Bhat, social workers Ganapati Hegade, Chakravarti Sulibele, Disha trustees Venkatesh Murthy, Rajesh Padmar and others were present on the occasion.

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