India Health Line- To Offer FREE Consulting by Specialist Doctors to the Poor & Needy.

Kochi (Kerala), July 31, 2016 A much needed social service in the socio-medical field has been launched by eminent doctors.

Kerala IHL Launch 1

INDIA HEALTH LINE – KERALA State’s 1st launch took place in Kochi in presence of eminent specialist doctors & representatives of medical fraternity. INDIA HEALTH LINE has a National Call Center to attend to patients calls who, after seeing the neighbouring General Practitioner doctor, want to consult specialist doctors for further advice & necessary treatment.

Kerala IHL Launch 4

The Number of the IHL National Call Center is: 18602333666

Launching INDIA HEALTH LINE in Kochi, Dr Pravin Togadia, a renowned Cancer Surgeon who has successfully done over 12,000 Cancer Surgeries & also is VHP International Working President said, “There are untreated diseases only because patients after primary examination by the doctor do not approach specialist doctors as advised. It is mainly due to poverty, fear of increased medical expenses if some serious disease is detected & sometimes even ignorance. The disease does not stop; it grows further affecting efficiency of the patient, impacting human working hours & when delayed the serious disease treatment costs much higher. Entire family gets affected by this. The poor, lower middle class & middle class families suffer more due to this. To avoid this, INDIA HEALTH LINE aims at connecting Medical Fraternity with the needy & poor patients. Doctors are a part of this great nation & the society. They always want to help. Now INDIA HEALTH LINE has given them avenue to help. So far nationally thousands of specialist doctors like Cancer Surgeons, Cardiologists, Gynecologists, Nephrologists, Urologists & many other specialist doctors have got associated with IHL.  They will see the patients per appointment arranged by IHL & advice further. To streamline further, thousands of Pathology Labs, X Ray / MRI / CT Scan Centers, Chemists Shops, Hospitals / Day Care Centers, Ambulances / Blood Banks have come ahead to be a part of this socially important initiative to help the needy patients & save valuable human working hours of the nation & of course to save many  lives. With FREE Consulting, India Health Line will work on Health Awareness & Health Education.”

Dr Togadia appreciated Kerala’s Business community, Doctors & entire Medical Fraternity for continued working together for social service in Health Care.

Kerala IHL Launch 2 Kerala IHL Launch 5

Dr Togadia also appealed to the socially oriented common people, youth, women & all to come ahead to be INDIA HEALTH LINE HEALTH AMBASSADORS. For this, medical knowledge is not needed. The role will be to coordinate with the IHL Call Center, the patient & the Specialist Doctor. Health Ambassadors can organize medical checkup camps in their areas, temples & residential societies. IHL will give formal training. He gave information on a unique Mobile App launched by India Health Line: Blood 4 India. People with smart phone can register themselves as blood donors on this app & can also get blood in emergency. So far thousands of people have registered on Blood 4 India.


National Advisors of India Health Line are: Dr S. S. Agarwal – MD- Medicine & All India President – IMA, Dr Jitendra Patel- MS (Ortho.)  Former National President of IMA (Indian Medical Association) & Dr Girish Kumar Singh – Director, AIIMS (Patna). National President of India Health Line is Dr Pravin Togadia, MS (Cancer Surgeon).

Dr M. Sambasivam, M.S. (Neuro), M.S. (Gen.), FRCS, an eminent Neuro Surgeon & President of World Federation of Neurosurgical Society & India Health Line Kerala President presided over the IHL Kerala Launch. He said: India Health Line is a useful initiative to connect the needy section of the society with the medical fraternity. We all want to do something for the society & IHL comes in to help.

Dr G. Satheesh Kumar, MBBS, DGO, MD, MCH (Sr Urologist & IHL Kerala State Coordinator) stressed on the importance of early detection of any disease to avoid further complications & appealed all to come ahead to support IHL.

Dr.Prem Kumar Nair, DM, FACS, Medical Director – Amritha Inst of Medical Science – Kochi, welcomed IHL in Keral & appealed all poor & needy patients to call IHL Call Center to avail of Specialist Doctors’ consulting FREE.

Dr. Vinod B. Nair, MS, DLO, Dip NB, MNAMS (Sr Consultant ENT Surgeon) appealed to all Medical Fraternity to come ahead to make the nation Healthy & Happy together.

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