Bharat Mata Poojan -Jan-2015

Bengaluru January 21: Karyakartas (Activists), Swayamsevaks(Members), Hitaishi’s (Wellwishers) and a very large group of supporters of Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to organize BHARAT MATA POOJAN programs at their house level across Karnataka on January 26, Monday 2015.

The celebrations are made on nation’s 65th Republic Day on January 26.

How to organise a Bharat Mata Poojan prog at House?

  • Any house can organise ‘Bharat Mata Poojan’ Program on January 26.
  • Fix the program scheduling for ONE HOUR duration on January 26th, say evening 4.00pm to 5.00pm
  • Invite family friends, relatives. A total number ideally 40 to 50 is good.
  • Place a photo of Bharat Mata, a minimum floral decoration will be appreciable.
  • Begin the programme with a Patriotic song. Bhajans, Prarthana Shlokas also can be added.
  • Everyone who is participating, should offer floral respects (Pushpaarchan)to Bharat Mata Photo.
  • Arrange someone as a speaker, who can speak on Nation’s proud achievements in different fields ranging from Science to Arts or Soil to Satellite. The speaker’s speech should enlighten the positive aspects of our nation’s culture, legacy and so on. A speech about 20 minutes to 30 minutes will be Ideal.
  • Recorded speech using MP3, Audio files of speech in Mobile-Laptop can be used.

For Details Contact: Sreedhar Swamy 9448411153, Rajesh Padmar 9880621824 Santhosh GR 9591994643

Bharat Mata Poojan -Jan-2015
Bharat Mata Poojan -Jan-2015
Bharat Mata Poojan -Jan-2015
Bharat Mata Poojan -Jan-2015

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