The 1999 cyclone in Odisha rendered thousands of people homeless. The children were the most affected in the tragedy. In that crucial phase, some young social workers under the leadership of Shri Ramesh Panda, came forward to provide ‘nest to needy’ under the banner of Kalinga Ashram. It was established at Tamana-Chikiti main road in Kankia Gram Panchayat. It is a Vanvasi pocket of Ganjam district.

Today, 40 students from class I to IX stay in the Ashram. The students are also trained in extra-curricular activities. Some of them took part in competitions at national level and won awards and applause. They have also proved their excellence in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and English. Likewise, the inmate also participated in competitions organised by Governmental and non-Governmental agencies. They secured prizes in different events. This year on January 22, Tata Gopalpur Project chief Shri AK Ojha and Shri SS Rautray along with their team encouraged the participants by giving prizes to the winners of winter adventure sports. 

It may be a surprise for many people that the students receive their education from a teacher, Bipro Charana Maharana, who is completely visually challenged. He has done MA, BEd and LLB from Bhubaneswar.  Smt Sabitri Devi, another teaching staff, and some other teachers also impart skills to the students. In coming days the Ashram work is going to have a new dimension through some new projects. Since bamboo is in plenty in this region, a project for bamboo products will also be started soon.

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