BANGALORE: Karnataka has done well in representation for SC/STs in government jobs. The passage of the constitutional amendment Bill to provide reservations in promotion to SC/STs in government jobs may further boost their chances to be in top posts.

While the constitutionally prescribed norm is 15% representation to SCs and 3% to STs, Karnataka has nearly 17% SCs and over 4% STs in government service.

According to the report on the representation of Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) in state civil services as on March 31,2011, published by the directorate of economics and statistics from information collected through 85 departments, 92,998 SCs and 24,877 STs are employed by the state government. Of these, 71 departments have more than 15% representation.

While total sanctioned posts in the state is 6,81,115, thefilled-up posts are 5,50,155. This means SCs represent nearly 1.9% (10,475) and STs 1.52% (8,372) of the total work force. Sandeep Shastry, pro-chancellor, Jain University, says the promotion quota bill is justified as there aren’t many officers in top ranks.

Government jobs are still most preferred by SC/STs. The increase in awareness and competitiveness among oppressed classes has made SC/STs choose these jobs. Besides coaching classes for civil services examination, there are instances of SC/ST candidates getting jobs in the general category without citing their caste while applying for exams.

Constitutional expert Ravi Varma Kumar said the trend is due to successive state governments providing good incentives. “Reservations in Karnataka were provided for the first time in 1874 and has been continuing since then,” he added. Kumar felt the cap of 15% and 3% for SCs and STs should be revised as their total population, according to 2011 census, is 17% and 8%.

The maximum representation of SCs is in education department with 39,428 (16.33%), followed by police with 14,336 (18.35%). Least representation is in population centre with 2 and national highways with 51 employees. STs are more in police 3,577 (4.58%) and education department 10,623 (4.40%).

“The opportunity and ability to use it has been a success story of Karnataka. It’s beyond doubt that the competitiveness of SCs are in-depth. A significant percentage of SCs have competed in general/merit quota and succeeded.”

Sandeep Shastry | pro-vice chancellor, Jain University

Who’s where in govt jobs

Total sanctioned posts/SCs/STs

Group A 18,866 2,692(16.93%) 662(4.16%)

Group B 51,192 5,737(14.88%) 1,319(3.42%)

Group C 5,25,268 71,508(16.27%) 19,086(4.34%)

Group D 85,789 13,061(23.20%) 3,810(6.77%)

Source: Directorate of economics and statistics


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