Kolar, Karnataka March 31: The Court of additional division at KGF Kolar district has declared its verdict on a case of forcible conversion today. As per the judgement given by Additional Civil judge H Gopalakrishna, 2 accused gets 3years  6months of imprisonment and fine of Rs 6000, other 9 members gets i year of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 3000 each.

Judgement has specified that the main accused Rodrex s/o Dorairaj, 52years and SM Babu, 37 years were disturbed the feelings of villagers and created enimity between the citizens. They also put pendals on road side while propaganding christhianity and insulted Hindu dieties like Rama, Krishna Thirupati Venkataramana are not genuine and Yesu is the only God.

The attempt of forcible conversions were reported from Kyasamballi Village of Kolar District in Karnataka. Since last 40 years the semi-urban areas of Karnataka has witnessed massive Convesrions.

Vishwa Hindu Parishat Karnataka state Unit has welcomed the judgement. Office bearers of VHP Kolar namely Dr Venkataramana Bhat, Purushottham, Ganesh Krishnamoorthy lead the legal battle against missonaries who were involved in forcible conversions.

Name of the accused as follows:

1. Rodrex, 52 years

2. SM Babu 37years

3. P Vijayakumar 42years

4. Jacintha 25years

5. P Samuel 25years

6. Elizabeth 40years

7. S Jackline 21years

8. P Shyla 27years

9. Raja 24years

10. Jayasheela 43years

11. R Allan Mosses 20 years


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