Madani has to explain a lot. From his ISS (ISLAMIC SEVAK SANGH which was banned in 1993)days, MaAdni’s speeches, action and movements matched more of a terrorist gang chief rather than a political leader. From platforms across the state, sitting pretty among a posse of armed bodyguards, MaAdni spat venom against Hindus and our Nationhood. Our cultural heritage, Hindu practices and customs- practically everything that was non-Islamic was touched upon and mocked at.

Just to take one example, one of MaAdni’s favorite subjects was the relation between Sita Devi and Laxman of legend Ramayana! His supporters roared with laughter and more sensible listened with gasped breath as MaAdni continued his rhetoric from stage to stage. It was not without reason that Kerala police registered 32 cases against him before Tamil Nadu police nabbed him.

Terrorist MaAdni was anointed as Saint MaAdni by overnight by CPM – The apostles of Secularism. All the 32 cases registered against MaAdni was withdrawn without any explanation by the Home Ministry. CPM overwhelmed with the opportunity to nab Jihadi votes in Loksabha elections failed miserably to sense the Hindu sentiments but aftermath of Lok Sabha elections forced them to reconsider their links with MaAdni. When Chief Minister Achuthanandan and his faction along with other LDF allies distanced themselves from this Jihadi terrorist, Pinarai Vijayan faction continued their love and affection with the terrorist.

Coming days will shed more light into the involvement of MaAdni and his gang in the Anti National activities including various bomb blasts across the country. Thadiyantavidae Nazeer who grew into a global jihadi was initiated into Jihad by the venomous speeches of Abdul Naser maAdni. Although MaAdni repeatedly claim that he don’t know Nazeer nor have any connection with him – Karnataka Police had collected ample evidences for all the charges filed against MaAdni.

MaAdni was in Kozhikode for Ayurvedic treatment and it was from there he went to Coorg clandestinely to meet Nazeer and conspired to plant bombs in Karnataka as a punishment to Karnataka citizens for electing a BJP Government. Kerala Police is very well aware about this MaAdni’s travel to Coorg but their hands and lips were tied by the Home Minister itself one of the closest pal of MaAdni.

MaAdni knows very well to play with words, to deliver half baked lies without any shame a quality imbibed in born criminals. What was unfortunate was that the media especially the visual media falling into the trap laid by MaAdni knowingly or knowingly, Kerala visual Media barons like Asianet cannot run away from their responsibility for whipping up the communal passion of Muslims in the state along with CPM leaders who again and again retort that by taking MaAdni to Karnataka they are taking him to an enemy country.

There are lakhs of Keralites including Muslims living peacefully in Karnataka under the BJP regime and certainly BJP in Karnataka don’t need to win the hearts of the people there by creating a false case against a Jihadi from Kerala. The arrest have been made as per the revelations of other accused and certainly Karnataka Police had verified those claims with the Police who accompanied MaAdni as part of the Security allotted to him.

Madhani Arrest – High-level deal struck behind curtains
18/08/2010 02:49:56

KOLLAM: Before the drama over the arrest of PDP chairman Abdul Nasser Madhani drew to a close, late on Monday night there were reports quoting Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan that Madhani would surrender on Tuesday afternoon. Madhani had told reporters on Tuesday that the date, time and venue of arrest were decided only late on Monday night. Didn’t it reveal the high-level understanding arrived at behind the curtains in the late hours on Monday?

On August 14, a police team led by Kollam SP Harshitha Attaluri made the first move towards Anwarsseri but could reach only up to the gate. It is said that the SP received a message and police action came to a standstill. Since then the police had enough opportunity to enter Anwarsseri and execute the arrest. Even as Madhani reiterated that he would not resist an arrest, the police did not receive the go-ahead from the higher-ups due to reasons unknown. Top police officers of the state were fumbling for words in front of their Karnataka counterparts on Monday morning as they had to withdraw from the move to arrest Madhani at the last minute due to the red flag shown by their political bosses.

The developments over the last few days had indeed underlined the suspicions of Karnataka Home Minister V S Acharya that the Kerala Government was playing a political drama. Even the ‘so-called arrest’ of Madhani took place at the date and time decided by him and not by the police.  In the coming days, Kodiyeri is sure to come under fire from his opponents inside and outside the party for the Madhani case crisis. KPCC president Ramesh Chennithala had filed the first salvo on Tuesday.Others are likely to follow suit and Kodiyeri will have to explain why he fumbled to arrest Madhani even after CPM general secretary Prakash Karat clarifying that the case against Madhani was not politically motivated

Kerala parties step up Muslim-wooing
18/08/2010 15:36:19  VR Jayaraj | Kochi – Daily Pioneer

Major political parties in Kerala are set to step up efforts at Muslim-wooing in the context of the arrest of Abdul Nasser Madani, key accused in the Bangalore bombings case. The two main political fronts in the State are worried that the arrest could cause serious dents in their Muslim votebanks just when two major elections are coming up.

The CPI(M) is on urgent damage-control measures because it believes a section of the Muslims in Kerala harbours the suspicion that the LDF Government had not sincerely tried to avert the arrest of Madani despite its dramatic moves that delayed the arrest by eight crucial days.

The Congress, heading the Opposition UDF, has already sought to distance itself from the entire Madani arrest issue, convinced that any position it takes would have a negative impact on the front’s electoral prospects because it has taken an anti-PDP stance since Madani’s estrangement with it before the 2006 elections.

Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, a CPI(M) Politbureau member, tried hard to convince the Muslims, especially the supporters of Madani, by saying that neither he nor the LDF Government could have avoided the arrest as this was done on the basis of a warrant issued by a court outside Kerala on the charge of terror activity.

He said on the very day of Madani’s arrest that the “warrant on Madani was not executed by the Kerala Police” whom he controlled but this was done by the Karnataka Police, implying obviously that such an incident would not have taken place if it was a Kerala-specific affair. Parties like the BJP have already accused Kodiyeri and the CPI(M) of striking a secret deal with Madani to avoid or delay the arrest.

Even before the arrest, Kodiyeri had played the card of BJP-bashing by saying that the Kerala Government could not act in accordance with the diktats of other states. He said the party ruling Karnataka and Gujarat could have its agendas but the Kerala Government was not duty-bound to obey their orders.

CPI(M)’s State committee member MV Jayarajan said the Karnataka Government had been trying to follow the model of the Gujarat Government with obvious reference to the BJP’s alleged agenda.
The CPI(M) had forged an open alliance with Madani’s party in the last Lok Sabha election and had fielded a candidate of the Islamist leader’s choice in the Ponnani constituency, risking even the warm relationships with the other constituents of the LDF, especially the CPI and RSP. Till date, the CPI(M) has not formally admitted that this association was a mistake despite all the charges against Madani.

Observers expect the pro-Muslim campaign of the CPI(M) with respect to Madani to escalate in the coming days as it could not afford to lose the support of the PDP. “The only section among the Muslims that still supports the Marxists is the Sunni sect of Kanthapuram (AP Aboobacker Musliar). The Marxists have to do everything they can to keep the PDP with them,” said a senior editor of a leading Malayalam daily.

While the Congress is trying to generate a feeling that it does not want to take sides in the Madani issue, the Muslim League, second largest constituent of the UDF, is worried that its inability to defend Madani at the crucial time could affect its interests badly.
At present, a fierce war is on in the Muslim League over the position the party should adopt towards Islamist outfits. The Muslim League has so far not been able to convincingly deny the charge of Madani that it was being ungrateful after taking his support in the 2001 Assembly election.

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