Allegation on RSS is an international conspiracy The attacks on different Hindu identity points should not be
considered as separate incidents, but these are the results of well thought out strategy. There it seems definite indications of high handedness in this case. As India is coming up fast at different fields with good achievements, there are forces to hasten this upcoming India. RSS being such an organisation with Lakhs of dedicated workers can
never involve in coward activitiy like terrorism as said by Arun Prantha Karyakaarini sadasya who spoke on the occasion. It was Congress which involved in the terrorising the people during Mahatma Gandhii,s Murder, Internal Emergency and 1984 Sikh Assasination episode. These means of appeasement policies should be rejected and people
should understand evil designs behind these mud sledging attempts. This protest  is a starting point of a long tussle between the Central Power brokers and Hindu Society he said. Venaktesh of Kissan Sangh, narrated about the various seva and other social reconstructional activities taken up by RSS. Like Organic forming, Gurukula etc.

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