Dr Praveen Togadia speaking

Dr Praveen Bhai Togadia, general secretary, Vishwa Hindu Parishat (VHP) International, called upon Hindus to stand united in protecting their rights.

Dr Praveen Togadia speaking

Addressing a keynote speech at the Hindu Samajotsava organized by Shree Hanumat Shakti Jagarana Samiti Mangalore at Nehru Maidan on Sunday January 2 Togadia, who was at his usual vituperative best, called upon Hindus to ensure protection of cows and construction of a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya within two years. He also ridiculed the behaviour of Governor Bharadwaj for refusing to sign the anti-cow slaughter bill proposed by the state government and used strong words such as calling him ‘Governor of Pakistan’.

Togadia derided the Congress terming it a new incarnation of Islam.

Thousands of people and the numerous police at the venue watched anxiously as to what would happen. But at 6.00 pm when Togadia spoke, the huge gathering received it with loud applause.

Strongly criticizing the stand of Congress leaders like P Chidambaram, Digvijay Singh, and Rahul Gandhi among others he said they are all against the unity of Hindus. He said that Hinduism is a combination of meditation and science.

The programme was organized as a part of the Ayodhya Sri Ramajanmabhoomi campaign and the  ‘Poornahuthi’ of Hanuman Shakti Jagaran Yajna, in the presence of religious leaders, saints, and swamijis and saw the presence of as many as one lac Hindus.

Social worker and entrepreneur Dayananda Pai, Bangalore, presided over the programme.

In his address, he called upon Hindus to sacrifice for the nation. He announced a Rs 1 crore fund for the purpose of constructing the Ram Mandir.

Shree Vishweshwateertha Swami, Pejavar Mutt, in his benedictory speech, said that not a single Hindu can rest till the removal of untouchability and said that Hindu Samajotsava plays a great role in bringing Hindus under one roof.

Shree Jagadguru Ramananda Swami, Kollya, Shree Gurudevananda Swami, Odiyoor, Shree Rajashekarananda Swami, Vajradehi Mutt Gurupur, and Shree K S Nithyananda Swami of Veda Vijnan Mandir, Chikmagalur, also delivered benedictions.

Prior to the stage programme, a grand procession was carried out from Dr Ambedkar Circle in the city to the venue of the Samajotsava beginning at 3.45 pm via Hampankatta where various cultural troupes depicted the richness of Hinduism,

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