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“A country which respects and supports women is that which leads to greater ideals “, as rightly marked by Swami Vivekananda Indian roots signifies the times of Early Vedic times when ours was the land which respected women and gave the greatest position, today why there is a talk on gender inequality ? But, our efforts will not be a waste which would surely make a broad progress where it begins with the mindset removing prejudice and stereotypical thoughts that balances the society.

National women’s day in India is celebrated on 13 February every year, on the birthday of Sarojini Naidu bieng an active Indian independence movement leader and is known for her literary works, for her poems and songs with the themes like patriotism and lyricd for which she is called “Nightingale of India” Bharat Kokila in HINDI by Mahatma Gandhi, Naidu contributed for empowerment in India

The celebration of National Women’s Day in India may be traced to the Indian government’s recognition of Sarojini Naidu’s remarkable influence on many women throughout the country. To respect and honour her outstanding achievements to women’s rights and development, the independence movement, the government formally declared February 13th to be National Women’s Day.

The aspect is that Sarojini Naidu was born on this day in 1879 is particularly significant.

This day holds immense significance for all Indian citizens, particularly women, as it stands as a hold for women to gradually come into the mainstream of society. It’s a great fact that National Women’s Day is celebrated without a specific theme inorder to focus on all arenas. The idea behind the celebration is to recognize and honour the diverse contributions of women across various fields while paying tribute to Sarojini Naidu.

National Women’s Day is a celebration of women’s achievements and remember the struggles faced by women in the process of development.

We find various activities conducted on the particular day whereby it is to make the Acknowledgement and support local women-owned entrepreneurship and reach ground root levels. For the social cause to raise funds for women’s charities and causes. Bringing awareness by movies and providing information through social media.Trying to explore the stories of renowned and inspirational women who motivated the society.

Trying to Connect with women who have made a significant impact on one’s life is a way for progress. National Women’s Day serves as a reminder to recognize and celebrate the achievements of these extraordinary individuals who stood on various odds to go ahead and Excel in certain fields .

Glimpse of life -Sarojini Naidu

After returning from England, she was drawn to the movements taking place in India where her participaton has remarkable progress. Consequently joined M.K Gandhi in his works leading to freedom struggle. In 1924 she became the first Indian woman president of the National after Annie Besants term. Further toured the world where her main motto was to drive away Britishers and oberservance for women’s position in the society. She went along with Gandhi to London and upto 1947 participated in activities forwarding freedom .

Apart from that, her taste in literary events brings the sight bringing together intellectuals for dicussuion and ideas. Few of her writings , The Golden Threshold (1905), was followed by The Bird of Time (1912), and in 1914 she was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Her collected poems, all of which she wrote in English, are published under the titles The Sceptred Flute (1928) and The Feather of the Dawn (1961) are remarkable having spoof in present sections of society.

Women manage a plethora of aspects in day to day life .Wow! It entrhalls the balance of workplace and home where we find women at different arenas . The Indian constitution as well as laws and legislations has well suited the front of women removing all the odds and stand with great courage where we as citizens be supportive to one another .Our celebration of this National Women’s day mark a pride which we respect and uphold women towards making an aim for nation building.

“A woman can create ability as she withstands everything.”Sarojini Naidu

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