Bangalore July 20: Samanvaya, a socio-cultural organisation organised a debate related most debated issue recently ‘ The Article 370’.



Malleshwaram BJP MLA Dr AshwathNarayan  inaugurated the event at Jagannatha Bhavan, the state headquarters of BJP.

BJP Kerala state vice president M.T.Ramesh was delivered the speech concerns related Article 370. Former Cochin University Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr.K.I.Vasu and Samanvaya President Ravindra Mallya were present at the dais.

Speaking on the occasion, MT Ramesh said ‘ It was not after Indian  independence but much before,there were seeds of separatism  planted  in Kashmir. Nehru was always supporting such hoodwink  movements as well the main mastermind of this idea, Sheik Abdulla. He was surrendered the sovereignty of India in front of Sheik Abdulla. Nehru was telling in the Lokasaba  that Article 370 is the Initialization of implementing the Indian constitution to JK. India had to pay lot due to such metaphor view points. Unless until abolishing this temporary constitution article, Integrity of this nation is not possible.We should spread this message to fellow citizen about the Article 370 hindrance to the integrity of our nation.

Samanyava Bangalore Debate on Article 370

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