Onam Celebration in Sabari Balashramam : The Banquet shared is Rather Sweeter

Onam is a festival of unity, sharing, caring and love, people join others in celebration.  Here, at Aranmula, Sabari Balashramam witnessed a blissful unity of children…
The Children at Balashramam had 40 guests to share the rejoicing spirit of the festival of unity. Mathrubhumi Seed Club Members with seed coordinators made their third visit on 11th September. The get-together of 80 children from various strata of the society passed a message of equality, harmony and integrity.

 They offered their prayers to the DeshaDevan (Sree Parthasarathy) in lieu of his blessings. The Celebrations started with prayers, (image no.2) Jyothish Babu, Kummanam Rajasekharan, P N Vijayan,Thankappan etc. joined them. All prayed not for their own welfare, but for the whole humanity.

Sabari Balashramam- A Home for Poor Children; under care of a Non-profit, Charitable Organization….
The guests told the children about  remembering all the blessings God showered on us. Shri. Kummanam Rajasekharan, Shri. P.N Vijayan, Shri. Jyothish Babu, Shri. Thankappan etc. joined them with sincere devotion and dedication. 

Children kept attentive throughout the function. Shri. Kummanam passed them a message,  One  who serves his life for the society enjoys Onam all the time. What the tender minds have to keep in mind is-  immerse ourselves in attempts to raise others’ stance. Real celebration is – casting a helping hand to the needy.. Shri. Jyothish had a lot to tell them- Life should be a Message, some succeed in making it positive and the rest remember them as great ..

Gifts did please them. 
Children may not tell you how much satisfied and pleased they are. Their face says louder than what lips could.  It is how they express their joy.. 
 They received the guests warmheartedly. 
The true message of Onam –  All in One and One in All.. All go to one destiny, onam makes same ecstatic experience to all followers. 

Mercy and compassion are rewarded with   love, godsend and benevolence….
Sreekumar, one of the patrons of Sabari Balashramam shares joy with the guests. 
The institutions shows its gratitude and reverence by many means…
The Onam celebrations made a graceful ambience in sabari balashramam…
Children could feel it, sense it and accord with it – moreover, its them who could sense such amenities.

Aranmula SI Shri Vinod Kumar took part in the onam celebrations.

Onappookkalam symbolizes Unity in Diversity, all flowers gather harmoniously. Bloomed flower is a materialization of joy, happiness, accomplished expectations, abundance, plenitude etc. Flowers of various fragrance, colour and quality gather in one pookkalam banishing all discriminations. Jasmine joins Shoe flower, one goes hand in hand with another…. All that facilitate Unity and Integrity, All entwine to envisage Oneness. Different hands from various angles, with different flowers; all converge at one point- all reach one destiny.

 The Celebrations filled their heart with joy,,,,

Two teams contested in a Tug of War (Vadamvali) , little’uns at Balashramam in one side and little’uns at Seed Club in the other. Finally the warriors of Balashramam succeeded in pulling the rope to their side, all exchanged happiness of victory. The Vadamvali did not display their physical power or stamina or thirst of winning others, but warmed them up to get entangled in a tight bond of love.  

Games did not tire them up… There were no Losers or Winners, but participants alone. 
Balashramam flew up the sky of Grace… Warriors from two sides of the rope assembled for a second tug war. Seniors from two sides checked their muscles and got ready for the game. Strong gentlemen of Balashramam won this time too. But None carved for victory, none raised voice to beat the other…. all of them conjoined to rejoice the other side of the rope. 

Games challenged not their physical strength only, but the readiness to face eventualities also. How many Coralwood Seeds (Manchadi) one could take in a limited time proved how swift they were. 

Kaserakali was not to snatch another’s chair, not to tackle another, not to prove how efficient one was in utilizing opportunities.. All expedited the realization of Oneness, the need of  getting interwoven with the companions in the society. Balashramam accorded with the electrifying ecstasy of the eighty rosebuds, Oh God, thou art the father of all creatures.. How great thou art.. Thou gave us food, clothes, shelters and above all, the godsend to love each other… 

Time to have a break, all bowed head with the thought of passing through the final moments of the day’s celebrations. Finally, the patrons thanked the love and affection the guests bestowed on us. 

Anchal onninte madhye
Marathaka mala pol…
nenchil kinchil pirinjeedaruth 
athinanisham kalame kai thozhunnen”

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