Bangalore/Kochi Nov 19: ‘Ongoing violent reaction against k Kasturirangan report is misleading and condemnable’ said senior RSS Functionary J Nandakumar.


Sharing his concerns with VSK-Karnataka, the Akhil Bharatiya Sah-Prachar Pramukh of RSS J Nanda Kumar said ,”Ongoing violent reaction against Kasturirangan report is communal, misleading & condemnable, which is communal and misleading the poor farmers. RSS is not against development but it should environment friendly. There is a need to educate the mass. Unfortunately that is not happening.”

Nandakumar alleged that poor farmers were misleaded as per wrong information provided by certain groups. “It is a matter of survival of the people strongly affiliated to the Western Ghats. Leaders who oppose the report are just trumpeting the views of those who are engaged in illegal mining and quarrying,” he said. The RSS national executive council meeting ,ABKM, held in Kochi, had condemned the Centre for rejecting the Madhav Gadgil report. “It’s unfortunate that instead of placing the recommendations of Gadgil before the people and allowing a national debate, the government chose to dump it completely. Both Gadgil and Kasthurirangan are scientists of eminence and it was our duty to rally behind them and their recommendations,” said Mr. Nandakumar. “Even farming would be benefited by the reports,” he added. He said scientists under the Swadeshi Science Movement would take part in the awareness programmes and interact with farmers. (With few Inputs from THE HINDU)

RSS Sarakaryavah Bhaiyyaji Joshi’s  statement On Madhav Gadgil Report issued at ABKM Baitak held at Kochi on October 27.

The ABKM held detailed discussions about the impending threats to our environment in general and the eco-system of Western Ghats in particular. The flawed development model that is being pursued and the lavish life style of some in the society are going to cause immense damage to our environment. It is the responsibility of this generation to act immediately to reverse this trend and follow the Bharatiya model of environment-friendly development, so that our future generations can live in peace.

In this context the Madhav Gadgil Panel Report on the preservation of Western Ghats Eco-system is a landmark report. It is unfortunate that instead of placing the recommendations of the Panel before the people and allowing a national debate, the Government of India chose to dump it completely. The RSS is of the view that several recommendations of the Panel are in the larger national interest. We condemn the stand of the Union Government to outrightly reject Madhav Gadgil Committee report.

The report by the committee headed by eminent scientist Dr. Kasturirangan may be a first step, but we are of the view that it is not sufficient. We call upon the Central and concerned State Governments to reconsider their decision with regard to both the reports and initiate larger debate in the country about the future of our environment.


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    I think person who love his nation & who want to serve for nation,should be join with
    Sangha paribar.I think a person who born in India,who loved his India & ready for giving any kind of sacrifice for his mother land(INDIA) are called HINDU.
    I think HINDU is not a general religious community.I think HINDUTTA IS A ANCIENT CONCEPT OF IDEOLOGY FOR HUMANISM & every person who respect this principal & maintain this principal in his life are introduced HINDU.
    I WANT UNDIVIDED INDIA.I think if we can take over PAKISTHAN & BANGLADESH IN ALLRESPECT then many burning issue/problem are solved within a second.
    I know politically & economycally it is very tough & hard work but if we can try it honestly, I think it is possible.
    I think this the perfect time we can do it about this…
    TOTODIN KHANTO HO E O NA…swamy vivekanando.

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