Paravartan at Orissa-VHP-Feb-25-2012


Paravartan at Orissa-VHP-Feb-25-2012

Rourkela, Orissa (PTI):  The Vishwa Hindu Parishat, VHP on Friday claimed that over 3,000 people of 658 families from three states were reconverted to Hinduism at a function held in Sundargarh district.
People from Odisha and neighbouring Jharkhand and Chhattishgarh congregated at Sundargarh town where the function, described by the VHP as “home coming”, was held yesterday.

Several people, particularly poor and uneducated tribals and dalits had converted through allurement, international executive president of VHP Pravin Togadia said at the function demanding a strict law against conversion.

Dr Pravin Thogadia at paravartan at Orissa-VHP--Feb25-2012
Paravartan at Orissa--VHP-Feb25-2012


5 thoughts on “Orissa: 3000 people of 658 families returns to Hinduism

  1. why can’t we take such initiatives in north eastern states? Even there missionaries are fooling people.

  2. Ek koi dr.Zakir naik gareeb dalit hinduo ko bhadka kar gumrah karke islam mein convert karwata ja raha hai… Youtube par uske islam conversion ke videos post hai… Rss and vhp aise logo ke khilaf action kyu nai le raha hai?

  3. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am really happy to see or listen to such a great news. I really appreciate your help. Please help them in their day to day earning by creating employment in all remote locations. This will help in thier restricting migration and conversion. God bless you in all your endevours.

    With regards,
    Roop Naram.

  4. great the tribal regions of odisha conversion is happening in a rapid rate.those missionaries give money to those tribal poors to leave hinduism and accept christianity.RSS or VHP should take initiatives to re convert all them back to hinduism.More ever near my home town there is no sign of Islam or Christianity.Lakhs of hindus are living there and missionaries won’t dare to enter our premises.Jai Jagannat…Long Live Hinduism

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