Dr Subramanian Swamy speaks in Yuva Bharat -2020

Addressing the conclave Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamiji of Kanchi Peetham said, “Live for the nation. The youth population should lead a life which is committed for the society and to the nation”

Prashanthi Kuteeram Bangalore: “Our national identity is Hindutva, we are Hindus, irrespective of castes we are all inter-related by DNA. The one who believes that his ancestors are Hindus is a ‘Hindu’. There are attempts to destabilise this mindset among Indians” said Dr Subramanian Swamy.

Dr Subramanian Swamy speaks in Yuva Bharat -2020

He was delivering key note address in 2 day youth conclave YUVA BHARATH-2020 at Bangalore.

“The country needs men with courage who can face all challenges. There should not be any discrimination of Indians on the basis of skin colour or regionality. As each Indian is Inter-related at the level of DNA, we are all Indians by nationality. We should not fight among ourselves when it comes to the matter of national integrity” Dr Swamy added.

He quoted the narrow mindedness of M Karunanidhi in Tamilnadu and Raj Thackrey in Maharashtra over their regional possessiveness by which they differentiate people from other states.

Addressing the conclave Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamiji of Kanchi Peetham said, “Live for the nation. The youth population should lead a life which is committed for the society and to the nation. The life does not meant for just for food and sleep, its beyond that. Each individual should have a aim in life. The body of a human made up of different types organs performing different functions, but its coordinated as a whole. India also such a country with huge diversity, we have states with different culture, lifestyle. Being diverse in many sectors we all should be united as a nation. Unity in diversity is the speciality of our country said Sri Swamiji.

Kanchi Seer speaks at the Conclave

“I am a Hindu by culture, Christian by religion and Indian by nationality. I am proud that we belong to a great nation. India stants number 1 in remote sensing, no.2 in wheat and rice production. We have all the potentiality to be a strong nation”, said PN Benjamin, Director of Bangalore Initiative for Religious Dialogues (BIRD).

Stressing the need of national security in his speech at the inaugural, RSS National Executive Member Indresh Kumar said “There is no compromise on our national security. India having a great diversity also have burning challenges. We need to make a strong and stabilised nation keeping national security as one of the top priority. An united effort is needed in this regard”

Lt General Shekatkar  National President of FINS, Lt Gen VM Patil National Vice-President of FINS, Vijay Gore,President of FINS Karnataka, Justice Rama Jois, Dr Nagendra of Vyasa University were present on the dais.

Nearly 1200 delegates from from almost all states of India are participating in this 2 day youth conclave.

The event is organised by FINS, Forum for Integrated National Security.

Indresh Kumar of RSS addressing in Yuva Bharat Conclave
Yuva Bharat-2020
Yuva Bharat inaugurated by selected youth representing entire India
Indresh ji speaks
PN Benjamin with Indresh ji
Yuva Bharat-2020

2 thoughts on “‘Hindutva is our Identity, our First concern is National Security’: Dr Swamy at Yuva Bharat-2020

  1. India will rise up only when india is declared as Hindu Nation. each nation has an indentity. China, russia France why India is not a Hindu nation, ONce Hindu ,Mind set will change .

  2. India as a Hindu nation will not only be a strong nation but also a power amongst all other nations. It is only right that India claims back its Hindu heritage and be proud of being a Hindu country. We must assert our rights. Christian and Muslims may stay and live in India but they cannot demand that they must get special rights. What rights have Hindus got in Muslim and Christian countries now?

    Long live Hindu India.

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