1.Narmada Kumbh Mela for Social Hormony-2011

To rekindle the emotions of Social hormony, a mammoth Narmada Kumbh Mela was organised at Maandla region of Madhya Pradesh from February 10 to 12, 2011. Nearly 20 lakh people participated on these days from all spectrum of the society.  Matha Narmada Kumbh Mela was a small replica of whole Nation in terms of livelyhood and regionality. The mega event also included few religious, cultural and social programs that guided people to eradicate inhuman practices like, untouchability, casteism, dowry, female foeticide.

Here are few Photos by VSK-Karnatak.

1.Narmada Kumbh Mela for Social Hormony-2011

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