Hari ji was expecting his death. Writing, talking, smiling, joking, stirring the ocean of unwavering memories, Hari ji was calmly waited for death.

That waiting had the grace of one who had done all that had to be done. There was a prayer to come together with all generations of activists who were with us to rush towards the same goal and strive to achieve it.

On Vijayadashami day 2016, he has written ‘Mamikanthimaprarthana’ (My Final Prayer) in Sanskrit and kept it in a sealed envelope. He has decided that the world should see this letter only after his death. That enveloped and sealed prayer is the declaration of the fruition of a meaningful life. Beyond that, it is the heartbeat of a Swayamsevak who is not satisfied with working with his Swayamsevaks for the sake of the nation.

“Karaniyam Kritam Sarvam
Tajjanma Sukrtam Mama.
Dhanyosmi Kritakrityosmi
Gachchamadya Chiram Grha.

Karyartham Punaraayaathum
Thadhapyaashasthi me hridi
Mitrai: saha karma kurvan

Esha Cheth Prarthana Dhrishta
Kshamaswa Karunanidhe
Karyamidam Tavaivasti
Tawakechha Baliyasi”

(Having done all that needs to be done, I am going back to my permanent home. However, there is a desire in my heart to come back to experience the joy of working with my friends for the completion of the mission. This is my prayer. If I am wrong in this, if this prayer of mine is selfish, please forgive me, Karunanidhi. Now it is your thinking that should happen. It is your will that should be strengthened).

Hari ji wanted the last journey also as an ordinary Swayamsevak. It has been written that the cremation should not be done in caste-wise crematoriums but should be done in only public crematoriums. The Rashtropasaka, who churned Vyasa’s heart and poured the essence out the Mahabharata, wanted his final resting place to be at the Ayvar Math, which is said to have been the place where the Panchapandavars performed their Pithrutharpanam. Such a wish was also behind the selection of Thanal Balashram at Mayannur as the final resting place.

Hari ji completed his posthumous rites also by himself at the Brahmakapala in Badrinath. His last message also is a Prayer which is the heart of the vision of his life.

“A prayer to Shri Narasimha Swami, that you would be kind enough to send me again for the same work.”

From a Swayamsevak among you,

R. Hari

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