Former RSS chief K.S. Sudarshan, 81, who was reported missing from his brother's house in Nazarbad in Mysore, was later found about 9 kilometers away.

RSS Press Release-2

Former RSS chief K.S. Sudarshan, 81, who was reported missing from his brother’s house in Nazarbad in Mysore, was later found about 9 kilometers away.

August 3, Mysore:

Former Sarasanghachalak of RSS, Sri KS Sudarshan went for a morning walk at 5.00 am. He took the stroll alone from his brother Ramesh’s home at Century Park layout of Nazarabad, Mysore. After a long stroll, he reached a place by name Nayudu Nagar. The place being unfamiliar, he stood confused about the returning path.

However, he continued for almost 8 kilo meters, which obviously made him tired. He went to a nearby home, belonging to a person named Sri. Srinivas. Sudarshanji introduced himself, where he was accorded a cordial and homely welcome. The family made him comfortable, after offering him refreshments. He then took rest for sometime. However, the family was unaware of the search which was going on for Sudarshanji.

Meanwhile Sri Ashok, son of Srinivas, happened to watch a news channel and came to know about what was going on. They immediately informed the police satation. Sudarshanji was thus escorted home. He is now back at his brother’s home, taking rest and is fine.

What happened?

5.00am- Sudarshanji went for a morning walk, by himself.

5.15am- Personal Assistant Brijkant looks for Sudarshanji at the park, where he took his walk, the previous days. However, he was not there.

5.45am  Searches in nearby and allied roads

6.45am   Brother Ramesh joins Brijkanth. Search party leaves by car

7.00am  Local police and RSS functionaries of Mysor informed. Search operations by Police and Swayamsevaks.

8.45am   News appears in electronic and web media

10.00am After walking for 8 kilo meters, Sudarshanji reached Naydu Nagar, visits a home of Srinivas, Sudarshanji introduces himself to Srinivas.

10.15am   Sudarshanji drinks water and takes rest

11.00am (An earlier power failure at Srinivas’ home) Restoration of power. Television switched on. Sudarshanji also watches news. Ashok, son of Srinivas identifies Sudarshanji

11.30am Ashok informed Nazarabad Police Staion about Sudarshanji’s presence.

12.15pm Police Commissioner KL Sudheer Kumar reaches Ashok’s home, escorts Sudarshanji safely to brother Ramesh’s home.

12.30pm Medical check-up by doctor, confirms stable and proper health

12.45pm Telephonic conversation with Kshethreeya Pracharak. Pranth Sanghachalak and Pranth Pracharak visits Sudarshanji.

3.00pm RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat had telephonic conversation with Sudarshanji, discussed about health and related matters.


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  1. Why was he allowed to leave alone, especially when his health record has not been straight for years , shows clumsiness at certain levels. Such irresponsible trends must not be allowed to prevail any longer.

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