Kolkata July 10: RSS Vistaraks Akshay Debnath and Rupamoy Biswas, who were detained and later by Tripura police for fake charges, were welcomed by local Swayamsewaks at Karimganj Railway station in Assam on Thursday evening.

“The 2 RSS Vistaraks (fulltime wirkers for a short period) were detained by Tripura’s Police under the influence of Communist MLA Tapan Das from Nalchar constituency on fake charges. These two RSS vistaraks gone to Tripura’s Killamura area for Sangh inspired selfless social service, but are detained by local police and were tortured, on fake charges. Now they were released”, said Basudeb a senior RSS functionary of Siliguri in West Bengal. The RSS leader alleged the role of Communist party leaders behind this incident. “This is an act of hate politics by Communist leaders”, RSS leader claimed. The 2 RSS Vistarkas hails from Hailakandi district of Assam. RSS leader Sandip Roy received the brave RSS cadres at Karimganj Railway station by offering a floral garland.

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