Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandali(ABKM) of RSS expresses serious resentment over the way the present
turbulence in the Kashmir Valley is being handled by both the State and Central governments.
The mistake committed in the past of trying to pamper the separatist and secessionist leaders
of the Valley is being repeated this time too.

Of particular concern is the lackadaisical attitude of the Central Government in addressing the issue. Never before has the Central Government been perceived as so weak and ineffective before the antics of the State Government, antinational tirade of the secessionists and their pseudo-intellectual supporters and unwarranted internationalization of the Kashmir issue. Treacherous speeches amounting to blatant treason right under its nose go unchallenged. The ABKM reiterates that the integration of J&K including Gilgit, Baltistan, Muzafarabad, Mirpur and Aksai Chin etc into Bharat was full and final with the signing of the Instrument of
Accession by the Maharaja of J&K Sri Hari Singh on 26 October 1947 and subsequent seal of approval by Governor General Mountbaton on 27 October 1947. Successive and successful democratic elections to the State Assembly since mid-50s have ratified the integration. Indira Gandhi – Sheikh Abdullah Accord, Nov 1974 puts full stop to any further controversyover the status of the State’s integration.
The ABKM reaffirms that J&K is an integral part of Bharat and any challenge to that issue in the name of Azadi is nothing short of treason. Azadi has become a euphemism for Islamist and pro-Pakistan secessionism.
The ABKM takes strong exception to the statement of the Chief Minister of J&K in the State Assembly that J&K has ‘only acceded but not fully merged with’ Bharat ‘like other Princely states’. Through his immaturity and inefficiency he has already brought the state into the vortex of violence. With an eye on vote banks he deliberately allowed the violence to perpetuate by not controlling it with iron hand. Through his statements on several occasions he created an atmosphere against his own security forces. And now he openly started speaking the language of the secessionists and their Pakistani mentors. The ABKM is aghast at the way
senior Ministers in the Central Government, in stead of condemning him, sought to support him thus exposing their own ulterior political games at the cost of nation’s integrity.
The ABKM notes with grief that it is this secessionist leadership, which is always held as representative of the State although a large section of the population of the State is pro-Bharat and patriotic. This section includes pro-Bharat (nationalist) Muslims in the Valley, the Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs, Shias , Pahadis, Buddhists of Ladakh, Gujjars and Bakrawals of the State, people of Jammu region and several lakhs of refugees and others who don’t have State Subject status even after 60 years. The ABKM urges the Government to talk to all these sections – especially the Kashmiri Pandits, refugees of the PoK and West Pakistan refugees –
that have stood firmly for Bharat in spite of being the victims of the atrocities of the secessionist and terrorist elements. The experience so far has been that it is the secessionists and terrorists that are pampered by the successive governments while pro-Bharat elements are always dismissed with contempt.
The ABKM regrets that this time also during the visit of the all-party delegation to the State the separatist leaders, who should have been delegitimized by the delegation, have in stead been provided big importance whereas there was no time for the leaders to listen to the pro-Bharat patriotic people.
The ABKM wishes to remind the government that the secessionists and terrorists have lost their ground in the Valley due to the valiant fight put up by our security forces in the last 2 decades. Around 5000 of our security personnel have laid down their lives fighting these forces. They continue to fight these forces in the Valley with their hands tied up and backs to the wall. Instead of supporting and strengthening them the government, some intellectuals and a section of the media are bent upon vilifying them.
The ABKM deplores this attitude of running down our security forces in the name of baseless allegations of human rights violations. We should not forget that the intefada-style terrorism deployed by the secessionists now a days is only a strategic shift in the same terror that they have been indulging in from the beginning. Whether it was the attack of the Kabaili tribesmen in 1947-48 or the wars of ’65, ‘71 and ’99 or the terrorism and proxy war of the ‘90s or the new wave of stone-pelting agitational terrorism – all these are different forms of terrorism employed by our neighbour in J&K. The stone-pelting terrorism in a way betrays the cruel and inhuman face of the secessionist leadership in which the leaders push young boys in the forefront with stones and make them scapegoats. More than 3000 security personnel were injured, many grievously, in the recent spate of stone pelting in the Valley.
The ABKM views the demand for withdrawal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and the Disturbed Areas Act as a dangerous one fraught with serious consequences to the national security. J&K is a sensitive border state requiring continuous movement of armed forces and also infested with terrorism sponsored by our neighbor. It is important that our security forces are equipped with sufficient powers to deal with the situation and the AFSPA is one such Act that can’t be dispensed with. While the Government including the Prime Minister is bent upon withdrawing the Act in their effort to bend backwards to please the secessionists the Army and the security establishment is strongly resisting any such dangerous move.
The ABKM strongly decries the statements and actions of the Group of Interlocutors, which betray their lack of depth and understanding of the issues involved. Statements emanating from the members of the group go against the stated position of our Parliament through the 1994 unanimous resolution. The Group lacks not only vision and expertise but also legitimacy, as it doesn’t have the mandate of either the parliament or the country. The Group is acting overtly in support of the secessionists and Pakistan thus greatly harming our interests. The ABKM deplores the reckless attitude of the Central Government in appointing such a group of biased individuals for such an important mission and calls for its immediate disbanding.
The ABKM is of the considered opinion that the Central Government is succumbing to foreign pressures and trying to create a favourable atmosphere for secessionist forces in the Valley. Repeated statements of the ministers about finding a ‘political solution to the J&K problem’ are nothing but a euphemism for granting more autonomy. It is to create such an atmosphere that they are using all the forums like the all-Party delegation, the Group of Interlocutors and even some members of the political establishment.
The ABKM reiterates that the direction of our efforts should be towards reaffirming the status of complete integration of J&K in the true spirit of our Constitution and the 1994 unanimous Resolution of our Parliament and not towards autonomy or pre-1953 status.
The ABKM warns the Government that any move to further alienate J&K will be strongly resisted by the people of the country including the patriotic people of J&K. It calls upon all the political parties to rise above their differences to ensure that the Government doesn’t compromise on vital national interests in the context of the J&K problem. The ABKM calls upon the countrymen to understand and undo the machinations of all these forces that are bent upon destroying the unity and integrity of our nation in the name of autonomy and political solution to J&K issue. Autonomy is like a post-dated cheque for another partition, which the country shall never accept.

RSS Resolution at ABKM Baitak at  Jalagaon, Maharshtra 30.10.2010

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