Ramith, 26, Killed by Communist workers in Pinarayi of Kannur

Pinarayi, Kannur October 12, 2016: RSS Swayamsevak Sri Ramith was brutally killed by Communist activists at Pinarayi of Kannur in Kerala on Wednesday morning. Ramith’s father Sri Uthaman was hacked to death on May 22, 2002. Both father and son were killed due to Communist Violence in Kannur.

Ramith was killed in Pinarayi which is the native of Kerala Chief Minister and tall Communist Leader Pinarayi Vijayan.

Ramith’s father Uthaman was an RSS Karyakarta, a bus driver by profession. He was hacked to death in Kannur on May 22, 2002.

Another notable incident was, Ammu a 72year lady along with Jeep driver, hacked to death on May 2002, who were returning after funeral of Uthaman.

RSS senior functionaries condemned this brutal incident.


Protest in Kasaragod and Kanhangad.

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