Kochi, Aug 1 (PTI) : Former Supreme Court judge K T Thomas today praised the RSS for its discipline and said the propaganda that the organisation was anti-minority was “baseless”.
Speaking at a function here, attended by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, he also said the ”smear campaign” against RSS that it was responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi must end.

“There is a smear campaign that RSS was responsible for Gandhi”s assassination just because the assassin was once an RSS worker,” he said, adding that the organisation had been ”completely exonerated” by the court.
“This smear campaign must end against RSS,” he said.

“I am a Christian. I was born as a Christian and practise that religion. I am a church going Christian. But I have also learnt many things about RSS,” he said.

“Can the entire Sikh community be responsible for Indira Gandhi”s assassination,” Thomas asked.

He said he became an admirer of the RSS in 1979 when he was posted as district judge of Kozhikode, adding simple living and high thinking was its hallmark.

During the Emergency, RSS was the only non-political organisation which fought against it. “We owe very much to RSS for sacrificing many lives for regaining our fundamental rights …”
“The propaganda that RSS was anti minority was also baseless,” he said, adding he is a great admirer of the organisation as discipline is given importance.

Source:MSN http://news.in.msn.com/national/article.aspx?cp-documentid=5334918

2 thoughts on “RSS was never anti-minority, says Former Supreme Court judge K T Thomas

  1. Whosoever has attended RSS functions or come in contact with RSS knows that RSS loves all those who love their country,i.e. Bharat-India,be they Hindu,Muslim or Christian. Religion has that way no importance,but,unluckily,after the partition of India,virtually on the basis of muslims and non muslims,into,Pakistan and Bharat,it was natural for any muslim of India to have soft feelings for islamic-Pakistan and other Islamic countries,and RSS detests those who have ill feelings for India but soft or good feelings for other countries. The congress takes full advantage of this confusing state of affairs to fetch Muslim votes,and defame RSS.Congress and some other parties think that Muslims of India will feel happy if they degrade RSS.They instill a feeling of fear in them for RSS. Only God knows how this vicious method of vote fetching can be stopped. Dr. Swami in his article in DNA of Mumbai,16 July,had suggested one method.There can be many others too.

  2. Mr.Thomas prooved that rss is not against any religion..thank you thomas. a lot of people think that rss is only for hindus.now they should think again on this with your statement.thanks again..god bless you..

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