Jabalpur: “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) works for social integration and unity. Preserving and strengthening national culture and tradition with the spirit of ‘welfare of all’ (Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah) is the only vision of RSS for national unity”, said Suresh Bhayyaji Joshi, RSS Sarkaryawah.


Bhaiyyaji Joshi was delivering his inaugural address in front of over a lakh swayamsevaks at the “Sankalp Mahashivir” of RSS’ Mahakoshal Prant at Vivekananda Puram Parisar located at Vijay Nagar near here on Friday. RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat, senior RSS functionaries Dr Kailash Gupta, Adv. Prashant Singh, and others were present on the occasion.
“RSS is committed to organizing the Hindu society through social integration and harmony for the unity and development of the nation. Every sixth person in the world is a Hindu and has a very distinct identity based on cultural moorings and civilization which is held in a very high esteem by the entire humanity even today. The Hindus never introduced themselves to any people across the globe by the strength of weapons but they fanned out to different parts of the world with the message of peace and knowledge. In spite of this due to internal division the Hindus today are fragmented in various sections and partitions based on religions, sects, languages, etc. In the present global scenario it is necessary for the Hindus to remain united.  The RSS is working relentlessly to remove these artificial barriers and unite the Hindus in India and abroad”, Joshi said.
The RSS General Secretary said that projection of RSS as organization of a particular religion was a deliberate attempt to malign its image. It was a myth created by some people who were either unaware of the real nature of the RSS or who intended to create fear psychosis amongst the people. RSS has never opposed any one nor spread hatred against anybody. On the other hand the Sangh has been working to foster unity amongst Hindus in India and abroad and instill in them the strong patriotism and nationalism and a sense of belonging to the society. The RSS is doing this work amongst Hindus in over 45 countries across the globe besides India, Joshi asserted.
Joshi further said that he was witnessing the strength of unity in this camp attended by over a lakh swayamsevaks drawn from all the districts of Mahakoshal region.
This is the strength that enjoins Hindus living in different parts of the country. The very objective of starting RSS in 1925 was to unite each member of Hindu society whether rich or poor, whether he belonged to Himachal Pradesh or Manipur, and to inculcate in him the feeling of self-pride and self-esteem so that he stood up erect and faced all the adversaries in his mission of taking this country to the highest pinnacle of glory, Joshi added.
Stating that RSS was not against any religion, Joshi said that some people are mischievously making this propaganda against the Sangh to create fear among the non-Hindus. He underlined that the RSS wanted to serve each and every section of the society and the Sangh had no political or religious agenda as propagated by some vested interests.
He said that the RSS swayamsevaks were working to educate and bring awareness among the citizens living in remote and inaccessible areas so that they could be united for the development of the country and welfare of the society. The training RSS imparts to its swayamsevaks was aimed at developing good citizens who would devote themselves for the betterment and welfare of humanity cutting across all barriers and obstacles of colour, caste, creed, languages and religions. Dedicated actions of RSS swayamsevaks in providing relief to people in distress whether due to man-made or natural calamities have time and again presented the perfect manifestation of this ideology of RSS besides proving the impartial and just attitude of swayamsevaks, he underlined.
The presence of large number of youth in this camp was indication of RSS’ growing popularity and acceptability amongst the younger generation besides underlining the fulfillment of this mega event preparations for which were on since some months, he added.
The RSS General Secretary appealed to each participant to work for uniting the people in his locality so that society stands organized to face any challenge both internal and external in the near future.


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