RSS activist Sharon belongs to Manaloor area of Thrissur

RSS activist Sharon belongs to Manaloor area of Thrissur

Thrissur, Kerala: A noted RSS activist, Sharon,belongs to Manaloor area of Thrissur in Kerala was allegedly killed by CPM supporters. He was brutally attacked yesterday Jan 19, 2012 night and admitted to an hospital.  But injury was so severe, he was succumbed to death today morning.

3 thoughts on “RSS youth activist murdered at Thrissur, Kerala

  1. This is not the first time that RSS activists are brutally attacked by Communists.All the RSS swayamsevaks have a duty to reciprocate to such attacks by
    1) Offering condolence publicly condemning such anti-national Acts

    2)Contributing towards securing the family members of the deceased

    3)Creating a Mass awareness about such incidents to promote defence.

    It is suggested that (if no such arrangement does’t exist)a National Trust with a Bank Account in a Nationalised bank be started to pool the voluntary contributions of other swayamsevaks. The donations received which are earmarked for the specific cause may then be officially deposited in the same of the dependents of such Martyrs.


  2. The Communist Marxist party members are acting like terrorist goons with their pro-stalinist attitudes.. Better ban this garbage Commie group from India itself.. The world had already spat in the face of communism-marxism and had already threw them to the wastebin.

    Commies in India had a traitor history.. During 1962 Sino-Indian war commie party of India officially took a pro-chinese stance and strictly warned its members not to take the side of their motherland at any cost.. V.S Achuthananthan, now opposition leader, in jail during that time arranged a blood donation campaign for wounded India soldiers inorder to avoid the name “Traitors” and “Chinese Spies”.. but the Commie party strongly warned him, and the campaign was never held.. Later, he was suspended from the party being accused of his sympathy expressed towards wounded Indian soldiers during Indo-China war alleging that he was opposing the party stance..

    RSS by that time, in a critical stage for India gave all possible supports including blood donation camps, helping the army and government during the Sino-Indisn war and all other wars(with Pakistan) fought after 1962.
    For the RSS’s dedicated volunteer works for the motherland and patriotic offering of themselves for the land, the then prime minister of India Nehru specially invited RSS to participate in Republic day parade of 1963.. Thousands of Swayamsevaks marched along with the Great Indian Army in full Ganavesha(Sangh Uniform)..

    RSS is pro-nationalist, non-political organization.. whereas Commies are Traitors, Chinese Spies and their cruelties of the party members are only matched with the aggression of their leaders…

    Communism is a worst ideology ever in mankind, ever in this universe… it tempts, but its like a cancer.. say, terrorism in its good representative form.. blood, violence, gore, terrorism, traitorship and inhumane activities.. that’s Communism..

    Be a Nationalist, never a Communist!

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