RSS Pracharak Guruprasad inaugurating the 'Sanghvastu Bhandar'

Chandapura, Bangalore: As a preparatory part of ‘Anekal Bhag Maha Sanghik’, a mammoth gathering of RSS Swayamsevaks in Ganavesh, new ‘Sanghavastu Bhandara’ was inuagurated by RSS Bangalore Mahanagar Pracharak Muttarumudi Guruprasad at Chandapur of Bangalore city outskirts.

RSS Pracharak Guruprasad inaugurating the 'Sanghvastu Bhandar'
RSS Pracharak Guruprasad inaugurating the ‘Sanghvastu Bhandar’

Noted socio-religious leader Bramhachari Santhoshji Maharaj of Hindu Aikyavedi Kerala, RSS Bangalore Mahanagar Bouddhik Pramukh Jayaram ,BN Ramakrishnaiya and other local RSS functionaries attended the meet.



Guruprasad inaugurates Bhabdara

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  1. Namaste,
    Being ex swayemsewak of RSS, is it possible to be a part of sewa work near chandapura, Banglore. Now we are stranded in this area due to lockdown but i want to use idal time in productive way. This is my wish to be a part of this noble work. How it could be possible, please suggest and help.
    Thanking you.
    Om Prakash Lal Das
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