The veracity and reach of the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar have been interpreted by media and experts in their own way. Three things come out of this analysis. Khap Mahapanchayat was the triggering point for the riots, Muslim community is the victim and social media campaign via BJP MLAs was the instigator. If all these points are tested on facts then they are difficult to sustain.


First of all, communal tensions and skirmishes in the Western Uttar Pradesh were discernible for more than a year. At least 12 major communal tensions occurred in the region since June 2012 and 13 cases of rape and sexual assaults on Hindu women by Muslim youths have taken place. There was a report of the Jat community boycotting Muslims in the region because of various ‘Love Jihad’ cases, which were conveniently ignored by the ‘secular’ media. On August 30, 2013 after the Friday prayers a mob of 15,000 was instigated by Muslim leaders which became the triggering point. The August 31, Panchayat was to appeal the administration to take stern action against the ‘Love Jihadists’. But ‘secular jingoism’ of the UP government showed laxity for the culprits. The Muslims attacked the Hindus participating in the Mahapanchayat, which was targeted by the intellectual and secular media on September 7, which was retaliated by the Hindus.

The pet project of secular gang is Muslim victimhood. The reality is Hindu majority is facing the wrath of the Muslims where they are above 20 per cent and simultaneously facing covert and overt victimisation of the State government. From Durga Shakti incident to the present violence, Hindus are the victims of appeasement politics, which needs to be exposed. The role of media was so suspicious that the circulation of newspapers was banned by the district administration. Perhaps they did not understand the force of audio-visual secular media, which is always front-runner in rubbing salt on the wounds of real victims.

Lastly, social media has so less reach in this agrarian region that a mere uploading of killings of Jat brothers initiated the communal violence is unbelievable. Most importantly, use of deadly weapons portrays the preparedness of the attacking community for the violence.

The lessons of this communal violence are loud and clear. Appeasement politics of ‘Secular fanatics’ is more dangerous to India, Indian masses will not accept the misrepresentation of facts by ‘secular media’ and ‘secular communalists’ have no right to talk about the Gujarat riots, which was again a reaction to the burning of karsevaks.

Source: ORGANISER, Editorial, Sept 22, 2013.

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