Seva Sanghik of Begur Nagara:

On very cold morning of December 25th, no of Swayamsevaks from Begur Nagara participated in seva activity in Seva Basatis of Begur nagara. Last year the heavy monsoon rains were much harsher and the need of the hour in winter was worm clothing.  Begur RSS team planned to  distribute warm blankets in Seva Basatis around Begur. A social worker and donor voluntarily came forward and sponsored 250 good quality blankets.

Swayamsevaks team quickly got into the act and identified 5 different Seva basathis. These Seva Basathis have people from northern Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and they are primarily in civil construction activity and work as daily labourers. The team spoke to residents and fixed dates and times for blanket distribution. It was made sure that each family gets one blanket each for elderly people and mothers with young children.

The first event happened on Sunday November 12th and the event started with Bharat Matha Pooja, Sangh Geet which gave a message for need of overcoming caste division. Sri Devanand Ji, B’lore Dakshina Vibhaga Kaaryavaha , also spoke about how each profession has dignity and no one should feel high or low in the society. He also spoke about importance of education for children and requested them to send children to school and then blankets were distributed to needy people.

Similar seva activity was planned in four other Seva basathis. Shri Rajeevji B’lore Mahanagar Saha SevaPramukh and Shri Nandeesh Ji Chandapur Bhag Seva Pramukh actively participated in the event and spoke to residents about how Sewa activity unites all in the society.

Post the blanket distribution event in Sewa Basathi’s, Begur team had also planned organizing Saamohika SatyaNarayan Pooja for families. Vishwa Hindu Parishat (VHP)and Rashra Sevika Samiti joined hands in this noble work of bringing families from across communities in the society. Swayamsevaks of Begur Nagar performed Pooja not just to overcome personal adversity or their personal wellbeing but to bring society together by conducting Saamohik Satyanarayana Pooja for general wellbeing of entire society. 40 of families participated and around 100 people were part of the pooja. Satvik food cooked at Raghavendra Swamy Mutt was served to all on traditional plantain leaves.

The event generated lot of enthusiasm among the participants and all the participants went home with a greater resolve to involve and invite more family for next year’s Saamohik Satyanarayana Pooja.

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