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New Delhi December 02:  May be the drenching rain or cold waved winter or the hot summer season, here is an example how much committed the RSS Swayamsevaks are, who attend a daily shakha at an very odd time, when all other sections of society are at their heaviest sleepy hours.
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In Anandapalli of Kamareddy district in Telangana, there is an RSS Shakha mostly attended by vegetable vendors and merchants. Their daily business begins at 4.45am as they have to board vehicles and will be busy in their day long profession. So, they themselves decided and attending RSS Shakha as early at 3.30am to am. The average presence of swayamsevaks in this Shakha is 30 to 35.
Sri Gangaram, popularly known as Kangana, is the Karyavah (secretary) of this Shakha. Kangana wakes up at 2.00am and awakes all other swayamsevaks before he reaches the RSS Shakha. At sharp 3.30am Shakha begins, then continues for an hour and ends at 4.30am. 
Notable and most significant point is that this shakha is running with same timings and systems since last 20 years without any discontinuity.
Few days ago Dr Manmohan Vaidya, RSS Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh had visited Telangana to engage few organisational meetigs. Dr Vaidya came across this exemplary RSS Shakha and congratulated the amazing commitment of each Swayamsevaks of this Shakha.

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