MM Mani, CPM leader in Kerala

Kochi May 27: This is an exact translation of CPM Idukki district secretary M M Mani’s statement at a CPM party rally on May 26, 2012  in the Thodupuzha region of Kerala. This speech was recorded by a local TV cameraman and later was distributed widely.

MM Mani, CPM leader in Kerala

“ …..In the Santhanpara, Rajaccade areas, the congress tried to start the INTUC with the help of the Police and goons…Many of us were arrested and harassed…We first issued a list of 13 people.  One, Two , Three , Four… First three people were killed. The first person was shot to death. The next one was stabbed to death. One was beaten to death. Do you understand ? The first one was shot down . The second person was beaten to death. The third person was stabbed to death. After this, the congressmen stripped off their Khader dress and ran away. After this for some time the congressmen used to ask us whether they would be allowed to wear their Khader dress. Do you know why ? Because they were afraid to be beaten. “

Mani’s confession came at a meeting held to explain the situation which had arisen in Kerala after the murder of Marxist dissident T P Chandrashekharan by CPM men on the fourth of may 2012 .

The three murders Mani was referring to are :

a)     Murder of congress leader Anjeri Baby on Novermber 13, 1982 . Baby was shot dead.

b)    Murder of Mullanchira Mathayi on January 16, 1983 . Mathayi was beaten to death.

c)     Murder of Muttukadu Nanappan on June 6, 1983. Nanappan was stabbed to death.

The accused in all three murders were CPM men. All three murders occurred in MM Mani’s area of operation as CPM leader. All the accused in all the three murders were acquitted because the witness turned hostile.

For details of CPM violence in Kerala please see:

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