Bengaluru, 20 May 2018: Startup Bharath, a half day workshop was organized by RSS-IT Milans, TippaSandra Prakhand in New Horizon College of Engineering, Outer Ring Road, to boost aspiring entrepreneurs and early startups.

The event was started by Venkat Chilukuri with Jyothi Prajwalana. Mr.Sunil Maheswari Co-Founder at Triumb Tech introduced about the successful entrepreneurs who joined the event and encouraged the aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with them for mentoring.

The event was planned with two speeches and product pitches. The first speech was about the ‘challenges of new entrepreneurs’. The speaker Mr.K.Yajnanarayana, CEO & Chairman of Sona Group well explained about how to overcome them with examples from his life. He touched upon the Indian industrialization history, disclosed the opportunities for the startups nation is providing now, and the criteria they follow to shortlist the startups.

The second speech about ‘Getting Started and Founding sources’, R.Shriram Subramanian, Founder and MD of InGovern Research Services, provided detailed information on procedure of getting started, legal structure, business basics, compliances, Board process and Investor Engagement. He spoke about typical issues of startups and how to overcome those challenges. Shriram explained about the resources available from Startup India and ways to access them.

The product pitches were hosted by Puru Misra, online educational company. There were four shortlisted product pitches spoken about and the same with innovative impressed the audience.

The event concluded by singing of Vande Mataram. 180 participants attended the event.

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