Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP Chief

Kanpur, December 31, 2012: The sad demise of the Delhi rape victim has sent the waves of sorrow as well as anger throughout the nation & the world. Speaking on the issue VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia on Dec 29, said, “The Delhi victim’s sad demise does not end the problem. It is not some political issue of one off incident; it is a mentality that has been setting in the society in all classes irrespective of social backgrounds. Immediate solace to the Delhi victim’s soul & to her family will be the fastest & strictest punishment to the culprits. Generally, all provisions seem to be made available to the culprits but the victims are silenced again quoting some corner clause of some law. This is the time, all political parties, social groups, religious groups & professionals to come together, show solidarity without any blame game & punish the culprits hard.”

Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP Chief

Dr Togadia further demanded:

  1. It is sometimes difficult to prove rape if medical examination is not done in time & victims either are dissuaded by the families or by the police from even filing a complaint. Union & state Govt should set up Medical Examination centers under the professional medical set up headed by women & away from the influence of rigid administration. The certification by these centers should be treated as valid for judicial purposes. The centers can be monitored by an apex body to avoid any fake certification.
  2. Generally current laws in such cases have some provisions for strict punishment but they are vague which gives benefit to the culprits. A separate law related not only to rape / gang rape but also physical / mental / financial assault on women & children is the need now. Experts in Law, Sociology, Psychology, Culture & administration should form a team to create such a law considering a peculiar mind set of the society here. Youth representative should also be a part of this team as the youth have newer ideas & young women can contribute to such a process as they do experience many types of assaults daily.
  3. Politics usually takes over in Bharat when it comes to many socio-cultural issues like rapes / gang rapes / sexual assaults on kids, rights of differently inclined or that of physically different. Such issues should be strictly kept away from political blame game & only politicians can resolve to do so.
  4. Help at hand in case of emergency is important & only the calling number is not enough but the entire speedy system should be independent of govt or any particular ideological interference.
  5. ‘Sensitivization’ Training programmes for the police, judiciary & lawyers & even of general public will help create an atmosphere of support for the victims. Family embarrassment weighs on the victim’s mind in such cases either in her own upbringing or due to social pressure. Such predicaments should not deter women from bringing culprits to justice & therefore sensitive society is must.
  1. Strangely, discrimination is made even in handling or publicizing such crimes. Poor, backward classes or village victims get ignored or suppressed whereas the urban cases get high-lighted. There is also a ‘pick & choose’ attitude by the social groups & media depending on their political inclination. This is a dangerous trend. ‘This rape is serious & that not so’ attitude mars justice & leads either to suicides or suppression.  If Delhi student’s gang rape is heinous then so is that of a Pratapgadh (U.P.) scheduled caste poor girl’s & of all others. This means, media sensitivization is also must.
  2. Rehabilitation of the victims with utmost respect in such cases is an important step which not only govts but also the society at large should take with open minds & compassion. Work, housing, medical treatment, education or any other social activity for victims should be made available for them as normal as possible.
  3. Trauma centers for the victim & the family will help reduce the forced guilt feeling on them. Culprits are guilty; not the family or the victim & this needs to be indoctrinated in their minds & in the minds of the society. Govts & social groups should start centers for this.

Dr Togadia offered that VHP can hold camps for youth to make them aware of ‘good & bad’ whereas Durga Vahini can train women in keeping alert mind & agility to keep themselves safe. He said that Durga Vahini had been holding self defense camps for girls but when it is a gang rape, it is not possible for a lone girl to handle the situation. Hindu Help Line can offer to set up Counseling Centers, Medical & legal help for the victims & the families. In case of emergency, Hindu Help Line can help the Govt emergency call numbers to handle limited number of calls if needed.

Dr Togadia added, “It is a matter of Samskaars to respect women of any age. Hindu Dharma has taught it always but when the basic principles of the Dharma are ridiculed in the name of modernity & secularism, such way-ward behavior takes place. Families have high responsibility in it. Not only by youth, many such crimes are committed by all age-groups. This is a mentality & it needs to be handled differently & strictly.”


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