Munishri Tarun Sagar Maharaj ji’s Speech: A Great Guidance to  the Nation & to Politicians.

VHP Condemns remarks by Vishal Dadlani & his types.

New Delhi, August 30, 2016: VHP President Dr Pravin Togadia has praised Jain Sant Tarun Sagar Maharaj ji’s Speech in Haryana Assembly and strongly condemned the remarks made by Vishal Dadlani. “It is a commendable step by the Haryana Assembly to invite Jain Sant Munishri Tarun Sagar Maharaj ji to guide the assembly. Pujya Munishri Maharaj ji has stressed on the significance of Dharma over Politics in socio-political aspects & all should keep that in mind. Munishri Maharaj ji’s pearls of wisdom are important & a guiding path to all. All Jain Sants have been a guiding source for VHP & we respect them all.” said Dr Togadia.


Dr Pravin Togadia, VHP International Working President further said, “I also appeal all in Bharat & abroad NOT to ridicule / insult any Sant or / and anything that has been a revered part of our socio-religious psyche for ages. Freedom of Speech is NOT the right to hurt our socio-religious sentiments & symbols. VHP strongly condemns frivolous & insulting remarks by Vishal Dadlani & the likes. It has become a fancy fashion to ridicule, humiliate & insult all that is a part of a socio-religious psyche & then term it ‘art’, ‘Freedom of Speech’ etc. It is deplorable & we condemn all such efforts to demean & degrade our socio-religious symbols of faith.”

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