VHP protest

VHP protest

New Delhi. Dec 27, 2011. Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) Bajarang Dal and some other hindu organisations today staged protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. The protest lead by prominent saints & other Hindu leaders burn effigies of Reservation & Russian President to put pressure on the UPA Govt at centre. Terming the reservations to Muslim & Christians as unconstitutional they demanding to roll it back and asks Govt of Bharat to advise Russia strongly to stop banning Geeta in their country or any part of the world.

Addressing the protesters VHP central advisory board member BL Sharma “prem” said that when constituent assembly rejected any reservation based on religion unanimously and various high courts + the supreme court of Bharat had also criticized it heavily then why the UPA Govt is time and again trying to impose it on the country. The country has already lossed a lot by dividing it on religious lines, now UPA govt is creating the same situation in greediness of votes, Mr Prem added. Mr Prem warned the Russian President against any type of ban on Geeta, which is not only a holy book but a god in itself.

We have also submitted a memorandum to the president of Bharat today demanding immediate recall of any reservations based on religion and advise her Russian counterpart to stop any move to ban Geeta, said Vinod Bansal, Media chief- VHP Delhi. The protestors carrying saffron flags, banners, posters and play cards were souting slogans like “Aarakshan Abhishap hai-desh ka stya naas hai”, “Gaata mata kaa apamaan nahin sahega hindusthan” “Russian Govt Hos men ao” etc.

The gathering was also addressed by swami Pragyanand, Mahant Naval Kishore das, Mahant Surendra Nath Avadhut, VHP state gen. secretary Satyendra Mohan, VP Amrit Lal Sharma, secretary Gurdeen Prasad Rustagi, Roshan lal Gorakhpuria, Tara chand Gupta, Durga vahini convenor Anjali Tripathi, Matri Shakti Coconvenor Ms Simmi Ahuja etc.

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