New Delhi, Feb. 27, 2013:  On the issue of the Sethu Samudram Channel Project on which the Hon’ble Supreme Court has ordered status quo, the Central Government has now got reactivated and determined to restart the project after discarding the recommendations of the government-appointed expert committee headed by Dr R.K. Pachauri.

The Smt. Sonia Gandhi & Karuna Nidhi duo is all out to destroy the only extant historic and Dharmic heritage of Bhagwan Sri Ram. If the Government does not accept the Dr Pachauri Committee recommendations, the Sant Fraternity would also repeat the mass movement against the evil designs of the Government and force it to accept the Dr Pachauri Committee recommendations.

The Sonia Government does not accept even the existence of Ram on the ground that its people in the archaeological department do not have Bhagwan Sri Ram’s Birth Certificate. They gave an affidavit to this effect earlier to the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

The Pachauri Committee and its team of experts have given their definite opinion that this project is not viable on economic and environmental yardsticks. The Committee concluded that: “Alignment 4A (proposed alternate route) and Alignment 6 (cutting through the Ram Sethu) were economically and ecologically non-feasible. Alignment 4A could potentially result in ecological threats that could pose a risk to ecosystems in the surrounding area, and in particular to the biosphere reserve.”

On both sets of alignments, the expert body was of the view that it would fail the benchmark Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 12 per cent prescribed for such scenarios. The Committee said: “It is unlikely that public interest would be served by pursuing the project on the basis of Alignment 4A.”

Giving a go-by to the expert body’s advice, the fresh affidavit of the Centre said: “The Government of India does not accept the conclusions and recommendations of the Pachauri Committee.” The Government says that they have already expended 8290 million rupees on the project and in view of the benefits of the project they are determined to re-start it. When this project has failed the economic and environmental yardsticks, the penalty of 8290 million rupees should be slapped on the Smt. Sonia Gandhi & Karuna Nidhi duo.

It is surprising that even if the Lok Sabha elections are round the corner this Government is all out to challenge and humiliate the Hindus.

Our fight will continue till the Government withdraws its affidavit. It is our clear view that the Ram Sethu be declared a National Heritage so that none would dare meddle with it in future.


On February 19, 2013, around 2 a.m. IST (night), an evangelical Muslim Imam from Ghutiari Sharif in Canning subdivision situated on the Indo-Bangladesh border was returning from a religious congregation pillion riding a bike reportedly carrying Rs. 1,150,000 in cash (as per police sources) when they were intercepted by a gang of robbers who looted the cleric and the altercation resulted in the death of the Imam by gun shot. The Muslim teachers of Goladohra Naliakhali Harinarayani Vidyapith held a meeting in the morning presided over by the headmaster Abdul Salam Mollah and unanimously held the Hindus of Naliakhali responsible for the death of the cleric. According to local residents, the Mollah was earlier transferred from a different school because of his ardent opposition to the Hindu ritual of Saraswati Puja. He had recently held a condolence meeting in the area mourning the death of Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri laskar who had been executed for his role in the 2001 Indian Parliament attack. Tens of thousands of Muslims from neighbouring areas, such as Canning, Jibantala, Sarengabad, Jhorormore, Narayanpur and Dhoaghata gathered on the site and also attacked and injured police personnel. The attackers also arrived in trucks from the Muslim-majority localities of Park Circus, Rajabazar, Garden Reach and Metiabruz in Kolkata.

They ransacked and looted the homes of Bengali Hindus as the residents fled for their lives. The mob desecrated Hindu temples and shrines, destroyed Tulsi manchas (Basil plants commonly placed as a religious observance in the homes of Hindus), broke the images of Hindu deities and urinated on them. The rioters hurled bombs, doused the houses with petrol and set them on fire. Violence and arson spread to nearby locations such as Dhopar More and Bangalpara. Hindu homes and places of business were ransacked in Gopalpur, Goladogra and Herobhanga. The Jihadis blocked the road at Bhangankhali, Priyor More, Hospital More and Natunhat. They also staged a ‘Rail Roko’ at Ghutiari Sharif station in the Sealdah-Canning section of the Eastern Railway. Before the authorities could do anything, the Jihadis had burnt more than 200 Hindu houses in several villages that came under the jurisdictions of the Canning, Joynagar, Kultali and Basanti police stations, and displaced more than 2,000 Hindu villagers. Some of the displaced people took shelter in makeshift relief camps while others had to live on the road. The state government announced a compensation of 300,000 to the family of the murdered cleric and 10,000 to each of the 93 families displaced by the Jihadi attack. 52 people were arrested by the police in connection with the violence. Some NGOs have provided food and medicine to the affected region in Naliakhali. Many international human rights organizations, as well as India’s National Human Rights Commission, have remained silent about the attacks as perhaps they also need to appease the Jihadis and keep them in good homour.

The dangerous consequences of the ‘Appeasement Policy’, ‘Vote Bank Politics’ and the Jihadi designs of Greater Bangladesh (‘Brihottor Bangladesh’) through ‘Muslim infiltration’, planting of thousands of Madarsas (Islamic seminaries) along the Indo-Bangladesh borders in West Bengal, Assam and other northeastern states have started showing. The world recently saw the massive Jihadi aggression in Assam and now sees it in West Bengal.  The recent Dilsukhnagar (Hyderabad) blasts also have the Jihadi footprints. In 1998, Lieutenant General S.K. Sinha, the then Governor of Assam and later the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, submitted a report to K.R. Narayanan, the then President of Bharat pointing out that massive illegal immigration from Bangladesh was directly linked with “the long-cherished design of Greater Bangladesh,” and also quoted pre-1971 comments from late Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and late President of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman endorsing the inclusion of Assam into East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Anxiety and popular anger over illegal immigration prompted political unrest in the state of Assam. The people are also very angry that the Indian government has failed to secure the country’s borders with Bangladesh and stop and reverse the Jihadi infiltration.

The situations appear that after a few elections, the Governments in West Bengal and Assam might be led by Muslim Chief Ministers on the strength of their majority Muslim MLAs as the ‘secular’ parties are also now launching more and more Muslim candidates as the Muslim population has been growing in these areas by geometric progression. The people of the country must show the door to all the governments whether at the Centre or the States who have been practicing brands politics that proactively patronize and promote the ‘Green Corridorists’ or the ‘Red Corridorists’ or the ‘White Corridorists’ which if allowed would lead to civil war, disintegration, Nizam-E-Mustafa [establishment of Mustafa’s (Muhammad) law)], etc.

Now even some political parties wedded to ‘Vote Bank Politics’ are advocating mass amnesty to hardcore terrorists and their release from jails and the U.P. Government has even started working towards it. If they actually mean and materialize it, that means they are trying to push the country sooner than later into a state of civil war and the people, therefore, must outrightly reject such politicians and their parties.

The Government of India Ministry of Minority Affairs has in a book published by it has advised children to eat chicken and beef so that they would get more oxygen and iron. The Government should remember that the then government in 1857 had invited the independence movement by using cow fat in the guns. Cow and its progeny is the driving force of our agrarian economy. Cow is complete ecology. Hindus have always sacrificed for the cause of cow. All our national heroes have advocated saving the cow. Under the circumstances the suggestion of the Government of India to eat beef is unfortunate and deserves condemnation. It should immediately withdraw this suggestion.

–         Released by Prakash Sharma, Spokesperson, VHP, 57, North Avenue, New Delhi

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